2018 has already passed then why are you still stuck with the same old decor? It is certainly not going to look any more attractive than it already is with old feng shui hanging around in the background. Change and spice up your treasure at tampines showflat condo with the famous decor tips that are by the way pocket-friendly in every manner. Condominiums are heavenly. They come in wonderful architecture and has the best features required for any residence possible! But in the end, it depends on your caliber and talent to make this place vibe with fashionable decor.

Decoration and tidiness alone can vamp up the entire look of a place. And the best part is that you can do most of the decoration yourself!

So, here is a list of ideas that you can adapt for your condo to make it appear as lavish as possible while being homely enough.

2019 Decor tips for your condo

 Redecoration is a decision that is going to cost you quite a fortune. And that is the reason why you need to incline towards DIY decor ideas. Many times most of the work is covered on the fresh purchase. What lacks is the imagination. So here are a couple of ideas that you can freely modify upon your wish.

1.Tattered shower curtain

Even if you are visiting the thrift shop to purchase the least expensive shower curtain made, one thing that you have to keep in mind is that it has to be fashionable. Did you know people are judged extremely on the washroom’s condition?

How about purchasing a couple of ragged sheets and roughly cutting them in long strips. Tie these strips in an unorganized fashion. And voila! You have a shower curtain that looks classy. Just make sure to keep the curtain clean by washing it every other week.

Image source: Pinterest

2.Potted plants

Who does not appreciate a little bit of greenery inside their house? This fauna will bring an interesting contrast to both dark and pale walls. Just change the traditional way of planting potted plants.

Gather old used metal or wooden containers. Drill a hole on their backward surface and place all of your indoor small succulents inside it!

Image source: Pinterest

Image source: Pinterest

3.To do list

Cut off the traditional whiteboard or calendar where you jot down the typical daily activities. Introduce a new to do list that is fun a quirky. Use old card board and attach paper clips or pins to it. Hang the pen by a colorful thread.

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Visit the thrift shop. It is the best universe where you can find mirror designs. As 2019 is all about earth themes, the decor has to be appropriate too! So choose something with a wooden base.

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5.Coffee tables

Coffee tables have become the new centerpieces of every household. As you are residing in a condo, it puts you in the main limelight. But center tables are expensive. But, did you know that you can get them for free? Visit the nearest timber depot and grab on two low log pieces. Self varnish it for better lasting and place the cute vase over it. Also, you can carve holes to make it more stylish and keep smaller items in them.

Image source: Pinterest

6.The princess stool

Fur is in trend. Even the decor is furry. Instead of buying a fur stool, why not make one? follow through every instruction and just be careful while making it.

Image source: Pinterest

7.Birthday reminder/ wall decor

Connect smaller section of wood to the main wooden carving that you wish to hang. Mark it with the names of your friends, family, etc. Mark the main headpiece with months and you will get the prettiest decor piece.

Image source: Pinterest

8.Twig frames

Purchasing a painting is classy for sure but why not go small scale? Create a twig frame and cover it with fairy lights. Also, color it if necessary.

Image source: Pinterest

9.Feather wind chime

For this, all you need is a rustic wood piece that can be glued together to form a circle. Then use woolen threads to attach feathers in different heights. You can even use fairy lights to enhance the effect.

Image source: Pinterest

10.Cloud bedroom light

Remove the night lamps and rejuvenate it with cloud-like light. Making one is extremely easy.

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The best part is all of these decor ideas are easy to care for and clean up. So you will not be having any issue with them. Thus your treasure at tampines showflat condo is going to look fluff and classy without spending a fortune at the 2019 new trends.


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