Europe is a beautiful continent. It is always full of colors and bustling with life. With its scenic beauty, amazing cultural diversity, delicious cuisines, amicable people and adventurous activities, Europe is a welcoming continent for enthusiast travelers.

But which places are a must-explore while making a trip to Europe? Here is my own take on the top 10 places that you should visit while taking a tour around Europe.


The capital city of France has everything to leave you mesmerized. The beautiful city can brag of its long and rich history, architectural beauty, great food, amazing art and artifacts at every corner. Take a bike ride if you really love exploring the ‘City of Lights’.


There are plenty of places worth a visit when you are in Italy, the great epicenter of a renaissance in Europe. However, nothing beats the special charm of what Florence has to offer. With an amazing mix of art and architecture, beauty and history, colors and cuisines, Florence offers you a great chance to explore the richness of Tuscany.


Amsterdam is dotted with picturesquely science spots, great museums, leafy parks, good eateries, and fun cafes. It is one of those few cities in Europe, where you will love to settle just after a one-day stay.


The beauty of Santorini is so incredible that you will hardly find words to describe it. The black volcanic beaches are an alluring attraction for the backpackers. Watch the sun sinking down into the deep blue sea and enjoy adrenaline-pumping activities such as boat tours, hikes etc. And yes, never forget to experience the taste of local wines.


Barcelona is not only about FC Barcelona and Lionel Messi. The beautiful city in Spain is home to art, architecture, culture, cuisines, bustling nightlife and sightseeing spots. If you have never been there, make a plan to visit it the next time.


A hub of cosmopolitan culture, this neat and nice city is home to some worldwide famous museums. The UK capital is the shoppers’ paradise. It comprises some of the best restaurants in the world. Take a tour of the suburbs to feel the heartbeats of this great historic city of art and culture.


Those, who travel the city once, love going back there times and again. Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, offers an idyllic charm to the travelers. There are so many things to see here. Let me tell you that beer in Prague tastes awesome.  


This city in Scotland is surely one of the must-explore places in Europe. Take a tour of the famous castles and watch the modern life of peaceful Scottish people. With a mix of rich history and stunning beauty, the city leaves you with enough reasons to feel spellbound.


When in Rome, do as the Romans do! And believe me, there are plenty of things to experience and enjoy this beautiful city. Take a round of the city to explore its real beauty, architecture, art, and rich history. Forget about diet, allow yourself to gorge on delicious local spreads.


Another Italian city makes it to my list and for the right reason! Venice is a painter’s delight. A Gondola Ride is surely worth it. Saint Mark Basilica is another landmark of Venice. And yes, don’t miss the Vaporetto, Venice’s best bargain.


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