Did you know terracotta pots are the best because they are made of natural ingredients? It is great for plants because there is no risk of overwatering. If you use plastic pots, the plants are prone to die due to overwatering. Besides this practical use, terracotta pots give off a vintage look.

If you contact pots Melbourne, you can find different types with ease. The natural look exudes a certain degree of aesthetic appeal. Moreover, you need not worry about your little rebels or furry friends – the pots are not toxic. Many gardeners have noticed how the plants also remain healthier in this type of pot. And it is something very important to note when you have been using plastic pots for years. Of course, changing the pot material is an enormous transition. Let’s go through the benefits so that you can make the final decision without hesitating.

Available in any size you want

Do you want to create a miniature garden? A shallow pot is a perfect choice. You can discuss your requirements with a service provider before placing the final order. However, you need to be careful in the winter. Extreme cold can break the pots; however, this should not be a headache when you are in Melbourne. Whether you are nurturing house plants or succulents, the terracotta pots are simply a great option for all. Of course, you can find a perfect size according to the plant.

Best option for house plants

It is proven that indoor plants thrive in a terracotta pot because it absorbs. Make sure the plant can breathe, no matter which product you choose. This obstructs the risk of overwatering – the roots do not remain drowned, unlike the plastic planters.

Another advantage is that anyone can just tell whether the plant requires water, by the colour of the pot. Put a hand on it and feel whether the material is moist. When terracotta soaks moisture, it turns dark. For many gardeners, terracotta has been a game-changer. A happy plant leads to a happy gardener!

An eco-friendly choice

Many gardeners worry that terracotta planters are breakable, but they are not fragile at all. Above all, you will be investing in an environment-friendly option. Whether you are working on a miniature or expansive garden, the pots work just fine. Without a doubt, it is a safer option than plastic pots.

Just like any other product, terracotta pots have drawbacks as well. The material creates humidity, and the top can be a bit heavy. Nonetheless, the organic feel and other functionalities overpower the cons. You can talk to the service providers whether glazed pots are suitable. Give the professionals a call or write to them!


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