Have you recently completed a month-long culinary class to explore the world of cooking and now are trying your hands in preparing foods for your family members? Or have you been assisting your grandmother in the kitchen for years and from that developed a knack for cooking? Whatever it may be, if you consider the entire process of cooking as a journey of discovery and enjoy it a lot, then start your career in cooking with E-mycook.

Don’t you want to go out of your home? Well, you don’t need to. With E-mycook, a unique cook jobs app Melbourne, you can work as a home-based cook and make money easily. This app connects you to your neighbours who are hankering for some good dishes and allow you to feed their tummies with your food preparations.

Seems convincing? Download E-mycook from Google Play Store or App Store and register yourself to work as a cook. But before that do you want to know about the features? Here are these –

  1. Food nationality

Your relatives often told you that your Chinese preparation can beat the Chinese dishes of any experienced chef. But you think that you need to go miles to hear ‘wow’ for other dishes. Well, you can start working as a home-based cook with only the dishes you have proficiency in with E-mycook. This revolutionary app allows you to pick your food nationality from the wide choices offered in the drop-down menu of food nationality. You can pick local Australian foods in your own way or bring a twist in international cuisines, such as American, Dutch, Thai, Indian, and more. So, choose your preferred nationality and start preparation.

  1. Preparation time

You don’t have previous experience of making foods for others than your family members, and so, you want to invest a little more time for food preparation and platting. Or, are you backed by years of experience and expertise in food preparation and can make a delicious meal only within 45 minutes? Whatever your preparation time is, you never have to worry about this. Pick your required preparation time from the app and let it know to your client. With this, you will get the desired time and your customer knows within when he or she can expect the delivery.

  1. Charge

E-mycook allows you to decide the price of your dish. Whether are offering pizza, chicken curry or something else, you will determine how much the customer will pay. Pick your rate for a dish in dollars from the app. The customer will check it and pay directly to your bank account via his or her credit card. You will always be your own boss with E-mycook.

Besides, this unique app offers features like create order, manage order, chat with the customer and more. You could also decide your working hours – weekdays/weekends and day/afternoon/night. E-mycook not only allows you to make your passion a profession but also an entrepreneur, where you decide everything. So, without waiting any more, download the app now!


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