3 Small Changes to Give Your Room an All-New Look BY Revive Furniture

Are you ready to change up the look and feel of your space, but you’re not quite ready to Revive your BedRoom Furniture? We have some ideas for you that will allow you to make a big impact through small changes!

Add Area Rugs


You would be surprised how much adding an area rug can change the dynamic of a space. It adds warmth, a nice addition of colors and patterns, and as artwork for your floor – it adds a decorative element that doesn’t take up much space! You can even layer your area rugs to give added depth to your room’s design.

The length of the fibers or “pile height” of your rug will also affect the look and feel it provides the space. A rug with a tall pile height or “shag” rug offers a warmer, more comfortable feel but appears to take up more room. A rug with a shorter pile height, or flat rug, will offer more clean lines and will appear flush with the floor, but will have a less luxurious feel.

If you’re not quite sure which option to get, we would be happy to help you decide on pile height and find options with the right colors and patterns to coordinate with your space!

Paint and Artwork


The second simple way to dramatically change the look and feel of your room is to change the paint, or add new artwork. Color is arguably the most dramatic design element when it comes to drawing emotion in a space.

A deep blue can make you feel one way, whereas a light, sky blue can make you feel another. Your paint often showcases the largest expression of color in the room, which is why changing it will likely make the most dramatic difference!

Painting the room (whether it be one, two, or all of the walls) will have the biggest impact, but if you’re not looking to paint right now, you can always just switch up your artwork!

The colors, patterns, and images in your artwork will help to express the personality of the room, and if you find art pieces that coordinate with other elements in the room, you’ll find it can be a great tool for bringing the whole look together!

Layer in Accessories

BedRoom Furniture

Our third tip for you is to layer in some accessories! Some examples may include throw pillows, throw blankets, accent chairs, plants, and vases/centerpieces (among many others). These are all great for providing some extra flair to your space, giving outdated furniture a fresh look, and highlighting the room’s strengths!

For example, let’s imagine that your living room walls are painted a beautiful shade of gray – you can highlight this strength by getting a coordinating gray patterned accent chair!

If you need any help selecting accessories / accent furniture that work with your furniture and/or floor plan, we would be more than happy to help!

And if you decide you are ready to do a full room makeover, we’re here for you every step of the way as well. Even if you’re just looking for a little inspiration!

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