4 Custom Wallpaper Ideas not to Miss out for Changing the Look of the Ceilings

Custom Wallpaper Ideas


It is true that you do not care about the house ceiling as much as you do care about the walls. Yes, you may call the handyman every now and then for fixing the leaks. However, have you considered painting it? Even if you have, you might have painted with mono colour. Needless to say, you are left with a boring ceiling that is seen in every household. As the trends are changing, people are spending more on featured ceilings now. Not only does it make things interesting but it creates a special impression on the visitors.

As the ceilings are the neglected parts, it is high time to change it. You can start the process by hiring the facility of custom wallpaper. In this way, it becomes very easy to add colour above your head. No matter whether it is a rustic style or traditional one, the customised wallpaper can even set the mood further. There will be case lodged under the boring ceiling. To fill your minds with a few attractive ceiling ideas, read on.

Experiment with Something Bold

If flaunting dramatic style is your forte, you should not shy away from trying something bold. It gives you ample opportunity to play around. Instead of playing with bright colours, you can try out the monochromatic style. Simple black and white combination may come out as striking. You can try out the Moroccan pattern for maintaining the bold style.  So, when you are applying such a bold pattern in the ceiling, you should keep the floors and walls clean.

Faux Rustic Touch

Wood goes well with the rustic or rural style. Moreover, it is eco-friendly. When you are running with a tight budget, this will come handy. Apart from residential spaces, the store can also utilise this ceiling idea. Try to apply whitewashed wood wallpaper t for adding aesthetic beauty to space. Ask the professionals whether water-based inks can be utilised for such vinyl-free wallpaper.

Try other Ideas with Wood

If the service provider can customise the wallpaper with driftwood, traditional timbers, natural tree bar or woodblock, you are in for a treat. The ceiling will almost imitate the wooden floor. However, it turns out to be unique. With the use of different coloured wood, there will be a nice colour combination eventually. You can add a little bit of white for bringing a variation. Again, for a subtle warm look, focus on red tones.

Mix the Boundaries

You may have been acquainted with striped coverings on the wall. However, you can bring the strip game on the ceiling. In this way, the room appears to be bigger and taller. At that time, people will have difficulty in picking out where the ceiling is starting or the wall is ending. Wide-panelled patterns leave out a different awning. For example, you can think of investing in 3D metallic trellis covering because it adds an edge to the whole space. Or, complete the floral design with vine flowers.

If you have a retail store, you can apply the same idea. Ask help from the service of building signage Adelaide now.

Author bio: Jessica Miller is an interior designer who has a thorough knowledge of how to implement building signage Adelaide in a business space. Here, she discusses a few of the custom wallpaper ideas to try on the ceiling.

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