Do you want to know about the Islamic announcement or get the latest update? Finding it difficult to get? Information from so many sources creating confusion in your mind? Are you totally puzzled and wondering what to do? Well, getting an authentic update on the announcement will no more be a problem for you as CIDAC is there to help you.

It is an all-exclusive app that will not give you Canadian Dar Alfatwa centre announcements but also help you in other ways too. Do you want to know the reasons why to use this app? Here, we have listed down the reasons –

  1. You can know about Islam easily

Islam is a universal religion. And according to Qur’an, “We have only sent you (O Muhammad) as a mercy to all the worlds.” (Soorat Al-Anbiyaa’, 21:107). This is the reason why Islam respects all the various human traditions and does not need new Muslims to change their own traditions unless they contravene some of the Islamic teachings.

Besides, Islam also teaches that the Muslim traditions that are not related to Islam and its teachings should not be considered ‘Islamic’. And that a new Muslim does not have to honour or observe them, for they only constitute a set of permissible customs of a certain group of people.

Do you want to know why Islam is considered to be the greatest blessing or how great Allah’s blessings are or something else? CIDAC- an expertly crafted app on Islam will not only help you delve deep and know about this religion but also clear many of your doubts that you can have.

  1. You can be familiar with the pillars of Islam

According to the Prophet, “Islam has been built on five [pillars]: Testifying that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad is the messenger of Allah, performing the prayers, paying zakaat , making the pilgrimage to the House, and fasting in Ramadaan.” (Saheeh Al-Bukhaaree: 8; Saheeh Muslim: 16)

These five pillars constitute the very foundation of Islam. But what are the pillars and why they are so important in this religion? You will come to know that the five pillars are testifying that there is no god but Allah, performing the prayers, paying zakaat, fasting during the month of Ramadaan, and making the pilgrimage to the  Ka’bah and Holy Mosque in Makkah.

  1. You could know about the local businesses

Although CIDAC is a religious app, it allows you to go the extra mile by offering you information about local businesses. Are you looking for the local granite and marble store? Or do you want to get in touch with a travel agency? Or do you want to relish the local cuisine with your friends and so want to go to a restaurant? The list will go on. You can have endless questions. CIDAC, being an exclusive app will answer all your queries. Just search by category and spot the business that you need easily.

  1. Find the local mosque and masjid

Are you new to the city? Do you want to visit the local mosque and masjid but don’t know where is it? Well, not to worry! CIDAC is there at your rescue. With this local mosque and masjid finder app in Canada, you can easily find local masjids in the city with a brief description of their location, as well as operating hours.

Other features of the app include local prayer times, listen to Islamic radio and live broadcast, getting answers to shariah questions, donation, and more. The features of this app and how does it work might have convinced you to have the app on your phone. So now, go to Play Store or App Store and download the app now!


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