Installing a water element can make a huge difference in your home. They create a calm atmosphere from the trickling of the water and incorporate an interesting focal point to your outdoor space. And when it comes to water elements, there are various options to choose from, including fountains, birdbaths, ponds and more.

As there are several reputable stores that offer water features Melbourne, getting one that will be suitable for your yard will not be daunting. But before you order one, know these vital things about water features –


  1. The sound can be different

It is a common belief that every water feature has the trickling sound of falling water. But it is not true. Every water element has a different sound. So, before you buy, make sure you listen to your water element to ensure you like the sound of it or not. You will always listen to the sound at home. So, if you don’t prefer the sound, it will get annoying very quickly. If it sounds too heavy like a bath filling up, it will not be relaxing to listen to in your garden. Or if it is a trickle that is too faint, it might just be an irritating noise. Make sure to pick a feature that goes with your taste perfectly.

  1. Cleaning is necessary

Cleaning now and then is essential for a water element. Without proper cleaning, water will get slimy eventually and start to smell a bit, especially during the winter. So, ask the professionals of the store how to drain the feature, dismantle it, as well as clear out the reservoir, in case you are not sure. It would be better to ask to find out for definite rather than causing any unnecessary damage to your water feature.

  1. You should consider the placement

You need to think about the placement of your new water element in your garden. When you are finding a place to display it, think about what is nearby. For instance, if it is under a tree or near a bush, it is likely to get a lot of leaves falling into it, especially in the autumn months. So, you need to clean more frequently.

  1. Lighting can change the look

If you want to enjoy the feature during the night and want to create a lovely effect, then you should consider lighting. Sometimes the features come with an option of an inbuilt light, or you could look into doing it yourself. In case you are going to have it in sight of the house, it will look really good all year round. And you can enjoy the feature from the warmth of your house on cooler days.

The above-mentioned points have provided you with enough information on water features. Now, start looking for a store that offers ponds, birdbaths and fountains Melbourne, Sydney and the surrounding areas, and order one for your home.


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