When you are going to build a new house, you are likely to hear a lot of things. If you have made plans to choose steel fabrication, you may come across many things. Interestingly, some of these things are not even true. If you dwell on the misinformation, you could miss the chance of using a durable material for your house.

So, here are a few misconceptions about steel fabrication Melbourne. Let’s take a look below.

Misconception #1: Steel Fabrication is Bad for Environment

It is a common misconception that steel is non-recyclable. On the other side, steel beams are recycled for indefinite times. This does not put a dent in the durability of the metal. In comparison to other material, structural steel is further used for renovation purposes.

When a building is being demolished, there is never a material left not used. This applies to structural steel, and there is no chance of contamination in the site. Recycled steel can reduce carbon footprint by 19%. With fabricated steel, you are making an eco-friendly choice.

Misconception #2: Structural Steel will be Rust-free

Steel fabricators process the material to make it corrosion-resistant; however, moisture can get in the way. If the steel is out in the open for a long period, you will notice rust on it. With time, the protective layer comes off. It, of course, has an external layer for combating moisture. If you make sure water does not touch the steel, it remains in mint condition.

Misconception #3: Galvanization is Expensive 

This misconception was once true in the past, but galvanization has become the most-used process now. Through the galvanization process, the material receives a coating to keep the rust away. At present, it is the most cost-effective fabrication process in the market. Nevertheless, hot-dip galvanization has also made galvanization a thing of the past. If the architectural features require hot-dip galvanization, you should ask the contractor about a few things. Inquire about molten zinc bath, zinc coating quality, friction and embrittlement.  Once you get to the bottom of the processes, you will know why the expert chooses one over another.

Misconception #4: Every Steel Fabricator is the Same 

If you are looking at several fabricators right now, you will find the answer to it. Every company has its values and ethos that mould its craftsmanship. Just like every customer comes with a different requirement, the fabricators provide unique custom made solutions.

Dandenong Wrought Iron and Steel Fabricators Pty Ltd is one such example. You can ask the fabricator about previous work samples before making an informed decision. Whether you are looking for structural steel or wrought iron gates Melbourne, the service provider has got you covered. So, contact for affordable light steel fabrication!


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