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Booking a taxi is often considered to be the ideal option available when you want to go somewhere in the shortest amount of time and that too in a hassle-free manner. With myriad companies and various cars available, getting a taxi that can meet your needs and budget is not difficult for you. All that you have to do is research and then opt for a reputable company that offers taxi services at affordable prices.

There is something extra – you need to know the driver’s rule when booking a Reading taxi or looking for a Reading to Heathrow taxi. Here we have put together a few for you –

  1. A taxi driver is not allowed to start a conversation with you

There is an unwritten law – a taxi driver is not supposed to start a conversation with the passenger. Only if a passenger like you starts a conversation with them, the taxi driver can reply. However, if the passenger feels uncomfortable listening to a monologue about the personal life of the driver, they are in the right to delicately refused to reply. All in all, most passengers actually like to talk to taxi drivers, especially about the area, the driver’s job, etc. But there are exceptions too. If you love to converse, you can do so. Otherwise, let it go.

  1. Bad reviews about drivers are taken seriously

Nowadays, most of the taxi companies allow passengers to share his or her feedback on the driver or give him the rating. A bad rating is a negative mark for him. Too many negative reviews or bad ratings can ban him. Give the rating that the driver deserves. If you overrate a driver that he does not deserve, then the next passenger will also get lower quality service like you. On the other hand, if you underrate him that he actually does not deserve, you are cutting his possibility to get extra jobs. So, when you are asked to give feedback or rating, be careful. Think twice and ask yourself whether they really deserve it and then give the rating.

  1. Taxi drivers may start the meter earlier

Some of the taxi drivers trick passengers by starting the meter at the exact moment they arrive at the destine location to pick them up and only then call the client. In this case, you may also need to pay for the waiting time that in theory, is not supposed to be covered for the first 10 minutes. So, you should be at your taxi on time – out of politeness and out of sparing your and the driver’s time.

  1. Confidential information is not shared with the drivers

Some of the taxi service providing companies to ask for some basic information, except the pickup and drop off location, pick up time, baby seat requirement, etc. If you are in the dilemma of whether to share information with such a company or whether to opt for them, then don’t be. These companies ask for basic information when allowing you to open an account. But they never share such information with their drivers. So, the driver, who will drive the taxi, does not have any hint about you except the location details and timings.

So, whether you are looking for a taxi in Reading, Heathrow or in the surrounding areas, you should abide by the rule to enjoy a comfortable ride.

Author bio: George White is a popular blogger on taxi in Reading. In this write-up, he has put together a few drivers’ rules that you should follow when booking Reading to Heathrow taxi.


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