Are you about to start your shopping for bridesmaid dresses? Well, the task is not very simple. Each girl has a different body type and complexion. A perfect dress helps them to accentuate their best features and get a spotlight-stealing look. On the other hand, if you choose a dull or boring dress, it will ruin their evening. So, you have to be very careful when choosing dresses for your bridesmaid.

Are you wondering how to dive into the world of gowns and pick the perfect ones that will bring a smile to the faces of your girls? Well, first start with the color. Do you want to choose a timeless color that will add a sophisticated touch to the party? Then, go for gold. This classic and elegant color will add shimmer and shine to your wedding. Come in different shades including rose gold, sparkly gold, champagne gold, and many more, it will allow your girls to get the desired look. But how to choose gold bridesmaid dresses for your petite girls? Here are some tips that you can follow.

  1. Think about their height

When choosing golden-colored bridesmaid dresses for your bridal squad, you should consider the height of your girls. Are they all petite? Or some of them are tall? If most of them are petite, then you should choose either long (ankle length) or short (above the knee). The long gowns will form an unbroken vertical line to make your petite girls look taller. Short golden dresses above the knee will show off the legs and make your girls look better.

  1. Consider their body type

The next thing that you need to consider is their body type. Not everyone has the same hourglass figure. Some of your girls have an athletic form while others could be shaped like an apple or like a pear. It is because of some shoulder, waistline and hip width, what looks good on one body type completely looks like a disaster on another. If you want that all of your bridesmaids have a consistent look, then you should go for some of the universally flattering silhouettes. Don’t ever choose a dress style just because it looks good on the model in the picture. Make sure that it suits the body types of your petite bridal squad.


gold bridesmaid dresses

  1. Don’t choose one dress for all

It is crucial that the petite golden bridesmaid dresses all look cohesive with your bridal theme and the color scheme is properly blended. But there is rarely a dress that fits all and makes everyone happy. And so, it is better to bring some variation in their dresses. For example, if you have chosen a golden color, let your girls choose their favorite style. While some prefer halter dresses, others like to wear one-shoulder dresses.

  1. Ensure that it complements your wedding gown

You should keep this in mind that you are the star of the show. So, whatever bridesmaid dresses you end up choosing, they should look coordinated with your bridal gown and go well with the bridal theme you have designed. For example, if you are an extravagant gal, there is no reason to dress up your bridesmaid in similar patterns. On the other side, if your wedding dress is large and covered in lace, it is better to choose a minimalistic look for your girls.

So, whether you want to buy A-line, sheath or mermaid bridesmaid dresses in golden hues for your petite girls, don’t forget to keep these tips in mind to get ideal dresses for them. It is your choice that will speak for you.

Author bio: Stephen Williams, a popular blogger on different types of bridesmaid dresses, like mermaid bridesmaid dresses, here writes on a few tips that you should follow when picking gold bridesmaid dresses for your petite girls.


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