Challenge Coins are a great item that were firstly used in the US Military Force and later on were used in different departments. Whether to honor the great deeds of an individual or to represent your military squad, challenge coins do the job fabulously.

With the use of customization, you can create unique challenge coins that are attractive looking and of high-quality material. However, choosing the right manufacturing company plays a significant role in creating the best unique challenge coins.

If you are someone who is looking forward to placing an order for a challenge coin that is uniquely made then the below list will guide you. Continue to read till the end to learn about the ways with which you can create custom challenge coins.

  1.   Include and highlight a date to make it more meaningful

If you want your challenge coins to make more meaningful then make sure to include a date and highlight. You can put the date on which the coin is supposed to be presented or awarded to the person receiving.

Challenge coins that are made in the honor of a departed individual can be made more meaningful by including the date of birth and death on it. Similarly, for an occasion like a reunion of a couple, you can add in the date you guys got together to add more value into the challenge coin.

  1.   Adding crucial info over the coin’s back

This one is commonly seen in challenge coins that are made in support of a cause. If you want to make more impact with a challenge coin then adding crucial info at the back of the coin can really amp up its value.

For instance, including phone number of road assistance or suicide hotline numbers could be beneficial for the people going through the distress. This type of challenge coins can especially be beneficial for elderly individuals who cannot remember these crucial info.

  1.   Choose creative edges for the coin

To make your challenge coins stand out from the rest you can go creative with the edges of the coin. A lot of people are focused on designing the face of the coin and often forget about the edge.

However, you can make a unique looking challenge coin by adding creative textures on the edge of the coin. You can even choose different colors on the edge to make it pop out in terms of creativity.

  1.   Go for a peculiar shape of the coin

A standard circular challenge coin may be too boring. So, to make it unique, you can go for a peculiar shape of the coin. Brainstorm for an idea that is unique in shape and design. Interpret your idea with the artist to make it into reality.

If you don’t know anything about the shape of the coin then take help for an expert to come with an unexpected shape idea. Go for a bold choice for the shape of a challenge coin to make it unique.


So, what are you waiting for? Apply the above enumerated ways to create unique challenge coins. Make sure to choose the best challenge coin manufacturing company for getting your hands on the high-quality challenge coins.


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