Enjoy the advantages of basement renovation in your home by working with Noble Basements, one of the foremost basement construction companies in London.

If you’re looking for a home improvement that adds more value than any other, a basement renovation could be the answer. The potential of your basement is often overlooked but a high quality renovation can be beneficial for you and your family. An unfinished basement can be a lost opportunity when it comes to adding space, resale value and efficiency so here are 5 advantages of renovating that basement space that you can’t afford to ignore.

1. Adds value

A basement renovation is one of the best returns on investment in terms of added value per square foot. But converting your basement adds value in other ways by increasing the space in your home by up to a third. In turn, that really improves your quality of life and gives you room to get fit, indulge your hobbies or entertain at home.

A high quality basement renovation by one of the best basement construction companies in London provides you with a blank canvas to create that dream kitchen diner or a self contained guest suite. And with more of us working from home, a dedicated and well equipped home office is quickly becoming a must have.

2. Faster resale

By increasing the usable square footage in your home you’ll also increase its resale value and make it far more attractive to potential buyers. A home cinema, gym or entertainment room all create a buzz that renders your home highly desirable and this added luxury can make your home faster and easier to resell or rent out.

A basement renovation is a sound return on your investment adding kerb appeal and a real boost in interest that helps you sell fast when the time comes.

3. Options for your family

If you love your home and either can’t afford to move or would prefer not to, then a basement renovation can meet the needs of a growing family. For any family who feels they’re caught in the trap of having insufficient living space but not wanting to move from a home that is near to schools and work, a basement renovation puts space exactly where you need it.

If you have the space, you can add multiple rooms, or even create self contained accommodation for older parents or grandparents. A basement renovation really grows with your family, providing everything from a toddler’s playroom to a teenager’s hangout space. Invest in good soundproofing and you won’t even hear the latest band practice.

Converting your basement gives you the options and space you need to avoid the hassle of moving and enabling you to stay in the home you love.

4. Create additional income

Converting your basement into a self contained annexe can be a smart long-term investment. If you don’t need the extra space or need to use your renovated basement yourself, then creating an apartment for rent can help the renovation pay for itself and create a better investment opportunity for new buyers.

If you intend to create a separate dwelling, then you may need to provide a separate entrance and complete separation between your home and your basement. Consider additional conveniences such as a utility room and nearby parking.

If you have older children struggling to get on the property ladder, why not give them a helping hand with their own basement flat?

5. Increase energy efficiency

When you have your basement renovated, it will be insulated, lined out and waterproofed to building regulation standards. Instead of a draughty and unused basement, we’ll create a highly usable and comfortable space that eliminates draught and prevents cold air from entering. This could even improve your overall EPC rating.

Modern building standards require high levels of insulation which, in turn, traps air within the home. By preventing the loss of heat through the basement walls and fitting energy efficient windows and LED lighting fixtures, your basement will contribute to the overall energy efficiency of your home.

Best basement construction companies in London

Whatever your vision is, working with a specialised basement construction can make it a reality. The foremost basement renovation and construction companies in London will support you through every stage of the process to unlock the hidden space and value in your home.


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