Good manners should extend through every walk of life – even if that walk happens to be a drive. More and more folks often forget how to behave when riding in a taxi, and that’s no good. After all taxi drivers just trying to get by like everyone else, so show them the respect that they deserve.

Whether you have booked the Earley taxi to ride to the airport or your office, you have to follow a few taxi etiquettes. Here we have listed down a few for you.

  1. Don’t eat anything

You can grab a bite before you ran out of the door. However, you should not bring your food into the taxi with you. The smell of food can make the driver feel uncomfortable. And if it smells pungent, you could make future passengers feel uncomfortable. Smells tend to linger, mainly if food spills. And when it spills, it can stain the upholstery at the same time that will ultimately cost the taxi company and will hurt their business image too.

  1. Try not to drink

Generally, drinks don’t smell pungent that way food does. Therefore, some taxi drivers can allow this. But drinks spend to spill and stain more easily than food. So, it would be better if you avoid drinking. Think of what coffee or soft drinks would do to the upholstery of the cab. Taxi companies have to pay to clean the stain and sometimes they need to replace the upholstery. So, avoid drinking while driving.

  1. Take all trash when you leave

Would you like to enter a taxi that is filled with empty water bottles, chewing gum wrappers, crumbs, dirty issues or anything like that? Obviously not, you will feel uncomfortable. The same is applicable for other passengers too. As we know it is bad to mess up someone’s place of work, so always make sure that you don’t leave any junk when you leave the taxi. Carry all this rubbish and put it in the nearby garbage.

  1. Be polite

Everyone deserves basic courtesy; so, don’t be rude to your driver. Don’t yell, swear or otherwise be a nuisance over the course of your journey, and keep this in mind how do you want people to behave with you in your place of work. If you don’t want someone to breathing down your neck and shouting to you in the office, don’t treat the driver in the same way.

  1. Don’t ask to speed up or break the law

You might be in a hurry to reach your destination; however, you can’t ask your taxi driver to run red lights, speed up the car or blow through stop signs to get there on time. Your taxi driver should abide by the law. Schedule an earlier ride if you worry about traffic or construction work on the road can make you late.

These are some of the basic etiquette guides that you should follow when riding a taxi Reading. From the next time, when you book a taxi, follow these etiquettes and leave a good impression about you.

Author bio: Stephen Green is a regular blogger on transport services, like taxi Reading. In this write-up, he has mentioned a few etiquettes that you should follow when booking the Earley taxi.


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