5 Exciting Features that a Plex Seedbox comes with

Plex seedbox

Do you have a hobby of collecting songs, movies or any other media files? In this digital era where you can access everything from the web, it has become easier for the media lover to build a media library or a media playlist of his own.

Do you have the same zeal towards digital media? In that case, you might be facing trouble in managing all your media files, especially when you need to move them from one department to another.

Here comes plex media server or plex seedbox for your rescue! The Plex server is an amazing invention that assists the users to access their media files from their media library easily. You don’t need to face any kind of harassment for that.

No manual shifting, no mess!

In this blog, we will talk about the plex server and its amazing features that have dominated the market.

Not interested in media? Well, that doesn’t mean you should skip this. You may require this knowledge sooner or later.

So, let’s begin with “what is Plex server”.

What is Plex Seedbox?

Plex Seedbox, often defined as Plex media server, is a tool to access and organize media files that include videos, songs, pictures, and other varieties of media. Some call this a digital media player. You may call this a digital media organization tool as well.

It doesn’t matter what you name it, the server will remain the most accessible one among the audience.

5 Features of a Plex Media Server

1. Compatibility Factors: Be it an Android platform, iOS or Windows, the server runs on every platform and on every device. Maybe that’s the reason why maximum media lovers are preferring this option in comparison to other media servers.

2. Convenient to use: The user-friendly interface along with the easy to access features make the server convenient for everyone. Whether you are an experienced person or a person who doesn’t even have an idea about this server, Plex media tool is friendly for all.

3. Display of Watch History: The server has an interesting feature of presenting the watch history between players. What’s that? Suppose you are watching a movie on a device and left it incomplete. The next day you want to continue watching the same movie on another device, from the place where you have left the last day. How’s this possible?

Plex seedbox allows you to watch the movie that you have left incomplete. Means you don’t need to watch the movie from the very beginning. It will eliminate those episodes, helping you to access the part that you haven’t watched yet.

Interesting, isn’t it?

4. Sharing Feature: Using Plex media server, you can easily share your files or your entire media library with others. Just add some users to the servers and share your media with them.

5. Streaming Media Files: Do you have a good internet connection? If yes, then streaming media files is no longer a problem. This particular media server allows you to stream multiple media files at the same time and on multiple devices. Since the server is a remote one, you can access them even remotely.

As described earlier, the media server usually runs on almost every operating system and almost every device. Some popular places where you can launch this server are –

Computers featured with Windows, MacOS, and Linux
Netgear Nighthawk X10 router
NAS device

Be it a desktop, laptop, or any other mobile devices, you can run this server with extreme pleasure. Even smart TVs allow users to access these servers.

So, would you like to use a plex seedbox for managing your media files? That’s a wonderful thought.

Install the media server in the location where you have stored your videos, songs, and other media files and enjoy streaming media files.

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