5 Mind-blowing Benefits of NPP Dosage in Gaining Weight

NPP dosage also known as nandrolone phenylproionate is a body building steroid made artificially from testosterone. It comes under anabolic steroid medication. These steroid can be extremely beneficial for treating certain medical condition. Although there has been illegal usage of this medication in boosting muscle mass, endurance, performance and cut off the recovery time during workouts.

Among the 32 types of anabolic steroid NPP dosage is one of a kind. Presently it has been increasingly popular among bodybuilders and other athletes due to weight gaining capability. Including weight gaining this steroid can be used to treat muscle wasting diseases, breast cancer, anemia and ulcers. If you take this steroid along with a good diet, you’ll see evident changes in your body.

How the NPP steroid function in your body?

The function of Nandrolonone phenylpropionate is someway same like Nandrolono decanoate. Both are anabolic steroids but the former one has to be taken more often for a better outcome as the drug has half-life. In the medical field among athletes and body builders the benefit of Nandrolonone Phenylpropionate exceeds the limit an anabolic steroid offer. The steroid mainly accelerates the red blood cell production in your body. So, there’ll be more supply of bloods along with nutrition. So, it’s very significant that you follow proper diet along with NPP steroid to maximize the outcome.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of NPP dosage for bulking.

  1. Muscle development

For most of the body builders and athletes tearing of muscles is a common injury faced by them during weight lifting. This can cause unbearable pain for several days. But, the steroid ensures to heal faster even after a brutal practice. So, this work like a magic stick for most of the athletes.

  1. Reduce joint pain

For a body builder the workout includes heavy weight lifting, intense cardio on a regular basis. These doesn’t sound good to your joints. It can bear up to a certain limit. But, exceeding that can cause pain and even fracture. Even doing these workouts regularly develops joint pain which doesn’t heal easily. NPP stimulates the synthesis of the collagen which result in aiding joint pains quickly.

  1. Increased strength

Each workout of any athletes includes hours of practices. It means you’ll need hours of strength in order to beat the competition. People who have used NPP steroid always gained energy and strength even after an intense workout.

  1. Retention of nitrogen

Gaining lean muscles can’t be done without nitrogen retention. This help muscles to absorb protein quickly due to positive balance of nitrogen in your blood. Protein is vital to increase your muscle growth.

  1. Treating other disease

Nandrolone phenylpropionate not only used to weight gain and muscle strength but also treat various other chronic diseases.


NPP dosage for bulking can be used by athletes and body builders who want to gain weight quickly. There are specialists in this field who ensure that nothing goes wrong while you take the dosage. So, if you’re feeling apprehensive about it you can take help from them to make sure nothing goes wrong with your body.

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