Learning English is not easy, as they say. But, you cannot blindly follow these words without giving language exchange a try.

There may be a lot of things you hear when joining the English language exchange. Some may be true, and some untrue. So, you cannot back down believing the misconceptions.

Let’s debunk the myths about learning English on a language exchange platform online.

Myth #1: You need traditional classroom lessons

We are not saying traditional classroom teaching is bad or won’t work for you. You can follow conventional methods and still be a part of an English language exchange.

What happens is that learners often try to find someone to practise with. If your family or peers do not speak the language, it’s difficult.

You can join a language exchange platform. You can meet people who want to learn your native language, too. Talking or writing to a native speaker helps a lot.

Myth #2: English language exchange sessions are expensive

When communication skills are on focus, nothing is better than a language session. But, you may worry about the cost.

Unlike online courses, language exchange sessions are available for free. Look for websites that allow free registrations for everyone.

Myth #3: I am not that good to understand native speakers

Listening and speaking skills are both important. While it’s pretty normal to have doubts about the learning progress, you can’t stop suddenly. There will be ups and downs.

If you can’t understand what your English exchange partner says, it’s okay. Ask him to explain it in your native language.

Start slow, don’t worry. Communicating with a native English speaker can boost listening skills. You can arrange a face-to-face meeting to learn how to speak like a local, also.

Myth #4: I am too old to join English language exchange sessions

Nobody is ever too old for learning! Age is not a factor if you want to pick up a new language.

Start talking to people who you meet on the platform. Making friends, sharing a good laugh… interesting, right?

Introduce yourself in English; your grammar does not need to be flawless. Also, encourage your language partner to use the language you speak.

Myth #5: Learning English is boring

We can assure the language is not boring. Many people give up learning because they find the method boring.

This does not mean you have to leave. There are other proven ways and English language exchange stands out in the crowd.

When learning English is something you want, switch to private messaging or email correspondences. Once you are confident, meet in person or agree to a video call.

So, are you excited to join a language exchange platform now? Register on Directlingua and start learning new languages!



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