PRP treatment has highly been sought after in recent times. It is used to treat arthritis, orthopedic injuries, and other conditions. It’s a process where no chemical substances are used to heal your tissue. In this treatment, our body will heal naturally by amplifying the growth factors. To prepare the PRP injections the process is as follows

  • Take a blood sample from your body.
  • The blood then run through the centrifuge to separate it to various components.
  • After the platelets are concentrated, these injected into the injured tissue.

Once the PRP injection is injected, it starts releasing the growth factors which stimulate and helps to increase the reparative cells’ number. If the injured area is too critical then ultrasound imaging is used to guide the needle.

PRP injection is comparatively safe than any other treatments. Because in this process the patient is receiving his or her own blood. Usually, doctors don’t use any medications for the injection. But since it’s a critical process so it should be performed carefully by skilled doctors like the ones of cosmetic and wellness centers of PRP woodland hills.

So, what are the things PRP can be applied for?

  1. Treating meniscus tears

PRP injections help to heal the meniscus tears. Though it can not alone heal the injured site. But the injections are used after the surgery to stimulate the natural healing factors.

  1. Treating Rotator cuff injuries

The main purpose of PRP treatment is to reduce the inflammation. PRP can’t repair the cuff injury. It only helps to improve the chances of healing the teared muscle.

  1. Treating osteoarthritis

The PRP injections are widely used in treating the osteoarthritis of shoulder, hip, and knee. Again, PRP is not used to treat the injured areas but it helps to enhance the healing process.

  1. Rejuvenating the facial tissues

The Platelet plasma therapy is used to kick-start the skin’s regenerative phase. Then the skin deposits elastin and collagen, attracts vascularity, and takes on more youthful shape. It helps to treat the fine lines, texture, and volume. The full-grown results can only be seen after several months of the treatment. Because the plasma takes time to stimulate the stem cell. After the PRP treatment, you will look more beautiful as the time passes.

  1. Removing the Dark circles

Due to stress, anxiety, workload,etc, we often have dark circles under our eyes. It’s probably a very common issue that everyone has. But just because everyone is having it, doesn’t mean it looks good on your face. It hampers the beauty of your face so PRP injections are used to treat these dark circles.


So, with the progress of medical science, there are ways now like PRP treatment using which you can stay healthy and beautiful. In cosmetic and wellness centers of PRP Woodland hills, there are specialized doctors who have field knowledge and experience on this and they can provide you with the best treatments ever.


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