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The VA loan is likely the most advantageous entitlement accessible to veterans and current duty service members; nonetheless, despite the evident benefits granted, a lack of awareness about the restrictions of this loan program appears to pervade the general public. The following information is designed to dispel several common misunderstandings about the VA home loan.


The validity of a property appraisal ordered by the VA is limited to six months. The loan must be given within 180 days of the property receiving the Certificate of Reasonable Value. Even if the buyer does not purchase the property, the valuation will stay constant.

Use of A VA Loan for A Second Home

The VA loan is intended to be used to help secure an owner-occupied house. A second house may be acquired, but the borrower’s net tangible advantage must be proven. This means that one of the following requirements must be met: moving to a larger house, relocating closer to work, acquiring a property for a spouse who lives out of state, purchasing a home as a result of a divorce, or a significant change in personal financial circumstances. The VA guarantee may only be used for one outstanding loan at a time, and if the house is for a spouse, they must live in it for six months of the year.

Money-Back Guarantee

Cash-out is permitted for VA refinancing loans; the amount of cashback is decided by the property’s current market value. Cash-out is available for purchase loans, although it is restricted to the borrower’s capital investment. This implies that a borrower can recover their consideration or appraisal fees back, but not more than what they brought in.

Considering A VA Loan

A property acquired with a VA home loan can be taken by a new buyer, but there are several limitations that may prevent this from happening. The buyer, assuming the loan, must fulfill basic qualifying conditions such as a consistent income, a DTI of more than 41 percent, a certificate of eligibility, and any other underwriter-specific requirements. Furthermore, non-Veterans Affairs qualified borrowers are not permitted to assume a VA debt.

Use in the Future

Borrowers can use the VA loan as many times as they like as long as they are current on any outstanding loan payments. The following requirements must be followed in order for the loan to be used more than once at the same time: The property must appraise, the borrower must fulfill the underwriting standards, and the borrower may not borrow more than their eligibility allows.

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