Rat infestation is a common situation. Rodents are smaller in size and can squeeze to 1/4th of their size that helps them to pass through the narrow paths and reach every corner of the building. 

Rodents can seriously damage the valuables so; the presence of this pest can never be tolerated. They are smelly, filthy, and highly risky for the health of residents of the building. They carry Hantavirus that is extremely dangerous and further, they can lead you to stomach diseases and asthma, etc. This is why it is important to get rid of them as early as possible and this is where the services of rat control Surrey BC services come in handy. 

Signs of Rat Infestation

As the presence of rats is unsafe in the houses, so their tracing is extremely important to get rid of them. Few signs indicate the presence of rats and mice in the building. Some of them are as follows;

  • Droppings

Rats residing in any building spend most of their time out there. Thus, they leave their droppings and urine in the building. Droppings are the clearest indication of the rat’s presence.

They leave droppings almost everywhere in the building, however, few places are much accessible by you and kept under observation most of the time.  Rat droppings can easily be seen in floor corners, shelves, cupboards, kitchen racks. These pests are used to live in narrow spaces where the quantity of feces is rather more; such places are not visible usually and feel crumble while touching that confirms the presence of rodents.

  • Mashed Food Pieces

Your stored food and dry rations are often unsafe while in presence of the rats. They eat food from the place where they are living. Besides eating, they waste a huge quantity of it and mash it into small pieces. They carry the small pieces of the foods to different parts of the house and sometimes to their nests and spread the mashes around. These spread mashes indicate the presence of rodents there in the building.

It not only creates dirt in the house but a loss of food. Mashed food pieces invite other pest infestation that multiplies the problem for residents of the building. 

  • Trash

Rats are famous for their chewing habits due to sharp teeth. They are habitual of chewing the soft and wooden targets. Although they do not eat a few things but crush them into small pieces. It is a financial loss to the owner of the building ultimately.

Trashes spread around of various goods and valuables in the building are an indication of the rat presence. Mostly, books and paper-made materials are destroyed by this pest, trash of which is often found in cupboards and racks later on. Sometimes they drag and scatter the packing and wrappers of goods to different places. Therefore, it can be said that the displacement of wrappers and their trash is a sign of rat’s infestation.

  • Nests of Rats

When the rats enter any building, they make their nests by choosing an appropriate place that could provide them suitable temperature, shelter, and other favorable conditions. The movement of the rats is more around their nests thus, it often comes under the observation of the residents of the house and eases them to judge the presence of pests. The behavior of the pets also becomes unusual because of the rodent’s presence as they walk around specific places which are probably the nests of the pests.

It helps to locate the holes of the rats and subsequently, operate to get rid of this nasty creature. 

  • Disturbing Odor

The presence of rats creates an unpleasant odor that is not tolerable longer. They leave feces and urine everywhere in the building that produces an irritating odor. The smelly droppings of the rats let the building residents know about the rat’s infestation in a few hours only. Rats transmit Hantavirus in the human being through their feces and urine which is extremely dangerous for your health. Any human breathing in this unpleasant odor could lead him to lung diseases and ultimately respiratory problems and asthma, etc.

In all, facing a rat infestation is no less than a nightmare. it requires immediate action. Thus, do not wait for the situation to dissolve itself if you are frequently sighting rats in your home. Furthermore, following DIY methods is strictly not recommended as well. Thus the best approach is to hire pest control experts that specialize in rat extermination.


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