China is one of the countries that have the richest higher plant species in the world. Thanks to the diverse land-forms, vast territory, and varies climate conditions that make this land home to various plant species. Do you want to come to this land and witness the rarest flowers and explore the land? Then, what to wait for? Buy the ticket and come.

Are you wondering what can you do during wildflower holidays? Here we have prepared a list of the things you can involve in to make the most of your holiday.

  1. Stroll around the beautiful garden

If you are a nature lover, then strolling around gardens is one of the things that you love the most. During your wildflower tour in China, you can visit some of the oldest and the most beautiful gardens in the world and see different flowers and trees. With this, you can see the classic sites of China and the gardens hidden behind the modern skyscrapers.

  1. Capture the endemic flowers

Seeing, as well as capturing the beauties if different endemic flowers, is one of the key things that you love to do during this trip. China is considered to be the home of various flowers including Meconopsis, Primula, Orchids, Rhododendron and many others. Only witnessing their indescribable beauties are not enough, you would also like to capture the magnificent endemic flowers. The local guides will help you so that you can take the best photographs of some of the glorious wildflowers of China.

  1. Observe the activities of pandas

Pandas, the softballs of fur are super cute. Nowhere else in the dramatic high mountains of western China, in the secluded high altitude riverine valleys, and among the dense woods and bamboo forests, you can witness these fascinating creatures. Walk through the areas and see adult pandas playing, climbing trees, and munching bamboos. The tiny baby pandas are just adorable and draw the largest crowds.

  1. Explore their culture

The culture of China is also splendid. If you want to learn about the culture of the land, then you can do so during wildflower holidays. You can take part in the lecture delivered by their tibetan culture embassador to know about their history, religion, medicine, custom, fine art to architecture, agriculture, costumes and many more. It will be an unforgettable experience for you.

  1. Relish cuisine

Your visit to this land will remain incomplete if you don’t relish their mouth-watering cuisine. The abundant, delicious food will give an artistic impression and please the foodies. Chinese cuisine has a very high reputation worldwide and represents the magnificent culture of the nation’s glorious history. Along with the restaurants, you can visit the street shops to enjoy food.

These are some of the things that you can do during your trip to China. If you want to do something extra or focus on flowers during your trip, then you can choose other tour options, like Sichuan wildflower expedition tour, garden tours or custom trips. So, pick the right trip and enjoy it whole-heartedly.

Author bio: Zhao Li is a local guide in China and a blogger on Sichuan wildflower expedition tour. Here, he has highlighted a few things that you can do during wildflower holidays.


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