As a talented student seeking financial assistance, you must know how certain grants at specific educational institutions work. While there are quite a few generic scholarship programs to apply for, certain international schools have an autonomous setup for offering assistance to deserving students.
However, applying for merit-based scholarships and that too upon enrolling in an international school isn’t as easy as it sounds. As a student, you need teachers and parents to guide you in the right direction, specifically for understanding the scholarship initiatives, relevant programs, nature of the grants, application procedure, application prerequisites, and even the scholarship’s tenure.

In addition, you should have the option to differentiate between the games based and merit-based grants, as a larger part of famous international schools in Singapore give both to qualified understudies. Consequently, to find out about an establishment free legitimacy based grant, you should know about every one of the five components, referenced in the ensuing segments:

  • Eligibility Criteria:

Prior to moving to a specific country and selecting yourself in a scholastic organization, it is important to realize how these grants are assessed. By and large, these grants are conceded to understudies from first to the twelfth grade, if they satisfy other qualification measures. Much of the time, merit awards take IGCSE, CBSE, IBDP, and CLSP educational plan into thought.

Once the curriculum is ascertained in advance, you need to see whether the concerned school has other evaluative standards in place, including the medium of education, country-specific grants, or anything else. You need to understand that certain merit scholarships are also shelled out to students from an existing bilingual curriculum.

  • Income slabs:

    These scholarships are given out to students whose family income falls under a particular slab. In most cases, the stipulated range is 60k to 160k. International schools segregate the entire range into four categories with earnings less than 60k translating into almost a sizable scholarship value, with institutions striking off around 80 per cent of the tuition fee.
    The rebates go down for category B, C, and D, which pertain to the higher family income slabs. Therefore, every international school makes it a point to cross-check the earning and salary slips of the earning member.  Or members before accommodating the students in a particular scholarship plan.


  • Application Process:

Before you can even think about winning a grant, you need to round out the application interaction in detail. These incorporate joining the imperative archives, including the pay slips, scholastic records as it is a legitimacy based grant, evidence of guardians’ work, the neighborhood gatekeeper’s gross pay, if and when material, and other applicable reports.

  • Disbursal criteria:

Certain grants are assessed dependent on the applications’ veracity, while some are dependent upon assessments, expositions, and meetings. In any case, the following stage’s choice is suggested inside 10 to 14 working days as a rule. Disbursals are started in a split second, when the understudy gets endorsed for the award.

  • Tenure:

Each grant is offered for a specific residency, and once the equivalent terminates, the understudy may have to reapply, considering the monetary range is as yet important.

In any case, these are the fundamental functionalities related with a legitimacy based grant, and for definite data, you need to associate with the concerned scholarly establishment.


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