The websites showcasing the best of Toronto web design need to be in line with today’s UI trends.

User interface design (UI) has become a strong force over the last few years. Your website’s UI is no longer just a way to express your brand; these days, it’s all about how you can create an experience for users that keeps them coming back for more. 2020 is all about staying at the top, especially when it comes to looking at the emerging UI design trends. Reviewing all the updated trends and looking at them to know how each of them might evolve is essential.

As technology evolves, new trends emerge. As we all step into the next decade, gradually the dependence on digital experience and products keeps growing, thus propelling the UI or user interface design experience. To make sure your website is current and relevant, consider including some of the top five UI design trends for the year.

Variable/Bold, Oversized Typography

Bold typography is becoming more and more prevalent these days. Your fonts are actually accomplishing two tasks: conveying your brand’s personality and attracting customers. When used in the right amount and in the appropriate spot, bold typography can really leave a lasting visual impression on your users. Always remember that only bold and big typography has great potential to draw readers’ attention and define visual hierarchy. Powerful statements in bold when used in website headers always serve as elevator pitches, thus, giving most decision-taking information to all readers.

3D/Realism Typography and Illustrations in Toronto Web Design

3D typography designs make for a fresh, eye-catching experience that brings your users into your website. From interactive infographics to illustrations, 3D realism can play a part in your UI design for many different products and services. Of course, as with other design elements, this needs to be done right to achieve the effect you’re aiming for. Think creative 3D illustrations with enough white space to emphasize your bold colors and your brand messaging.

More Low-Key Gradients

The days of flashy, bright gradients are gone for now. Subtle, simple gradients are now on-trend in UI design, with minimalism being essential. This trend stems from the internet itself, along with the influx of flat design that has become more popular. Since gradients are a must in graphic design to give an image depth and volume, those screaming colors are now out.

Asymmetrical Layouts and Broken Grids

Millions of people access thousands of webpages daily. In order to create something that can capture the over-exposed user’s imagination, web design has begun to embrace asymmetrical layouts and grid views. The traditional grid consists of imaginary lines that keep layout elements on the page in the proper order. Now, however, bold website owners are using a broken grid technique and placing those design elements in a more chaotic fashion.

This is not a surprising trend; grid views fragment a user’s attention immediately, diverting it from the strategic real estate on a website. When done properly, this can really make a website stand out from the competition. When it’s done improperly, however, the asymmetry can cause frustration and headaches for users.

Micro Interactions

Micro-interactions provide your users with a delightful moment during a typical visit to your website. You can tie these small interactions directly into an element on your website. An animation-based tool to collect user feedback, for example, is a great way to surprise users and increase your chances of gathering useful information. You can also use something similar to help users navigate or just to add a fun element on a webpage. These enticing moments are built into your website to help stimulate a feeling of amusement or happiness in your users, once they discover it.

2020 UI design trends are not just to satisfy users’ requirements. Each of these is here to provide a greater degree of accessibility and usability to all end users. To be precise, a subtle blend of these trends strongly backed with detailed user interface research will help in reaching enriched user experience.

Don’t wait until today’s trends become tomorrow’s standards, leaving your website with an old, outdated feel. Redesign or update your website using a professional service for web design in Toronto today.


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