In everything you use on your body, it is always important to take suitability with high regard and attention. Makeup products are among the many things you let your body get in deep contact with. They are used for different purposes, occasions and styles. Many people also use them on a daily or an occasional basis. These all exist, but then again, above all considerations, suitability or appropriateness is significant.

One of the most crucial times when you must consider whether makeup is fitting or not is when kids use it. Most of the time, adults just unmindfully use their own makeup for young kids. That may seem alright and normal, but doing so can present many disadvantages to kids.

Below are 5 unpleasant things kids get from utilizing adult makeup:



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Kids’ skin is sensitive, thus, what’s for the older is most likely and most of the time ineffective and/or harmful for them. Makeup products are to be used with certainty because the ingredients they contain may be just fragrant or nice-looking, but they leave an effect to your skin, either good or bad or both.

Sometimes, strong chemicals are part of adult makeup content for reasons of preservation and better performance. They are required for the product to be formulated effectively and to be manufactured completely, but alongside are aftereffects that might appear after some hours or days of use.

It is not easy to determine or estimate the possible side-effects of a certain makeup product to a kid’s skin, but harsh makeup can surely cause damage. Especially if the makeup’s chemicals are initially already inhospitable for adult’s skin, imagine how it could be even stronger for kids’ gentle skin.

Aside from the visible disadvantages of makeup’s intense ingredients to kids’ skin, other more serious cases such as infections, hormonal imbalance and skin cancer are on the list of the bad effects of inappropriate adult makeup for kids.



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When the adult makeup products kids use unfortunately do not let them pass without any bad outcomes on their skin, the skin reacts badly as well.

Parabens are chemicals utilized as preservatives for bacterial growth and development prevention. They lead the skin to produce and encounter several allergic reactions. The skin can get irritated mildly or severely. Spots and speckles can occur on it.

Kids’ skin is a lot more susceptible to allergies and the negative effects of makeup products. They are in closer danger to reacting more to unsuitable makeup contents. Incompatible products lead unwanted skin irritations.

Because of some ingredients found that come with fragrance and other elements, allergies can occur and/or get triggered. Obtaining rashes, red skin and an itchy feeling can be signs that the kid’s skin has disapproved of the product.



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Makeup is needed for some occasions, but it does not always feel good covering yourself with it. A day with full makeup on is not a wholly comfortable day. Maybe during the earlier part of the day, it will feel good, but as the day comes to an end, your face feels sticky, oily and haggard.

Kids’ skin needs to breathe and grow well. When kids start getting themselves used to makeup, especially adult makeup, they can easily experience acne early. It’s because makeup actually blocks the skin’s pores, disabling the proper passage of air. Whatever the form is, in liquid or in cream, makeup clogs pores.



When a kid uses makeup for a longer period of time, the chemicals in them can eventually permanently damage the skin. If one starts early with adult makeup as a kid, early also does the skin’s natural freshness hides away.  

As time passes by, the kid’s skin could begin to show aging signs such as wrinkles, flakiness, dryness, dark spots and dullness on the face and body. Makeup can be helpful at the present time, however, the long term aftermath could be unproductive, unwanted and unhealthy.

The skin becomes too attached to the use of makeup from an early age that without it, the skin tends to look pale and tired. Fine lines and wrinkles also appear earlier than they should because adult makeup, not suited for them, is used.



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Tons of makeup products are advertised as instruments of skin “betterment” for those who don’t find their skin good or for those who are not satisfied with what’s been given to them. A lot of them are said to be whitening products that make the skin look clearer, cleaner and “more likeable”.

That could be one of the reasons why many kids, at an early age, already have the notion that whiter skin is better than not. It’s sad, but it’s true that even at a young age, kids have already been taught by society of what skin tone is better and what is less desirable when in fact, there should be no such mindset for we have been all made beautifully.

Although that’s how those whitening products are supposed to function, still, that’s not always the successful ending — most especially if they are very much not suitable for kids’ skin.

Even the simplest sunscreens and creams might be composed of factors that cause the skin to darken and discolor. Instead of getting what they’re having in mind, these kids, whose thoughts have been transformed into thinking that white is better, in the end can get discolored skin because of adult makeup that’s not appropriate for them.

With low quality ingredients plus product and skin incompatibility, makeup products can cause skin pigmentation problems. The kid’s skin might experience undesired patches and freckles and irregular skin tone. Using chemical-based cosmetics regularly can have hazardous and ill effects on the skin which could even transition to permanent destruction.




Makeup does a lot to make things better and to hide areas well, but there is such thing as proper use for the proper age. The effects of adult makeup to young kids’ skin can go from a little itch to more problematic matters like irritations to the most terrible conditions such as skin cancer.  

Always keep in mind that as adults, you have the power to guide kids and to let them know what they should be putting on their faces, when, how and why. There are makeup made specially for kids, but they must also be treated with responsible usage.

Even though in some cases, adult stuff may be used for kids, in some cases, they may not be. For adult makeup, be careful when letting kids use them. As much as possible, do not let them do so. If really needed, let them use kid-safe makeup. For a healthier and safer usage, select for kids what’s for kids.


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