Over the past few years, builders are increasingly depending on AC Cement Sheets, instead of any other materials. Let’s explore here what makes AC sheets gain such a huge popularity. Here are five reasons that prove why choosing fibre cement sheet is a great decision for your next project.

Water Resistant
Fibre cement sheets like Konark Surya Jyoti is highly water resistant and offers faster installation than any other traditional material, even red bricks. A construction with Konark Surya Jyoti is thus ideal to safeguard your property from dampness & moisture build up. As you know, humidity level is quite high in the Indian climate, which often tells upon the construction causing damage and water induced leakage in different parts of the building. Fibre sheets are considered ideal for such areas as they can withstand the damaging effect of water.

Keep Termites at Bay
Termites are pretty common in every house during the monsoon. But, with AC sheets like Konark Surya Jyoti, keeps termite formation at bay. With porous building materials like red bricks, termites tend to grow significantly especially in the walls. On the contrary, Konark Surya Jyoti is made of corrugated material that makes it highly durable and prevents rotting and decaying of the building as well.

Protection from Fire
Fibre cement sheets have exceptional fire resistance capability. That’s how the incidence of fire accidents is almost negligible in the areas where homes are mostly made of Fibre cement sheets. Believe it or not, it lets you combat fire accidents more efficiently than ever. As a result, AC sheets like Konark Surya Jyoti are considered ideal for commercial as well as residential construction projects.

  1. Keeps Buildings Cool

AC Sheets come with thermal insulation which helps in keeping buildings cool even in the hot summer months. If compared to the other light-weight wall materials, fibre cement sheets offer low heat conductivity, which is one more reason behind its extensive use for the construction of green buildings. It prevents the heat from the environment and keeps the interiors cool and comfortable. This way fibre cement sheets also reduce the energy consumption and save the expenses in the long run.

  1. Other Areas

AC Cement sheets like Konark Surya Jyoti is such a versatile material that it can be effectively used for a variety of purposes to enhance its visual appeal.

  • Internal and External Ceilings & Walls
  • Ventilated Ceiling
  • Floorings
  • Underlay

The Takeaway
Unlike red bricks and other conventional materials, Konark Surya Jyoti prevents moisture; fire and termite build up, which results in the increased durability of the building.


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