In today’s world, it is hard for us to live in the forest to be close to nature, as our forefathers did before the beginning of human civilization. However, you can do it by changing a few changes in the architect and decoration of your home. The write-up is a good read for you if you really want to be close or feel the closeness to nature. Here are the steps that you can follow:

  1. Grow plants in and around your home

Many studies have shown that indoor air is more polluted in comparison to outdoor air. You should think of cleaning indoor air along with the outdoor one. And for this, you can grow plants inside your home apart from growing the same in your backyard or front yard. Shop for pots, plants (aloe vera, money plant, bamboo, spider plant, and deborah), planters, and allied accessories for planting plants inside your home. 

  1. Hang natural scenery paintings

For some of you, growing plants in and around your home is a very hard job. You have a lack of time that you could invest in taking care of your houseplants. In such a case, you can fake having natural scenery by hanging nature wall paintings. With the ideal one, you can enjoy the scene of the rising/setting sun, day & night fantasy, forest/trees, birds chirping on the tree/in the jungle, and waterfall as per your taste and choice. For having a different feel of natural scenery, you can hop off hanging abstract paintings with a nature theme.  

  1. Go barefoot or walk barefoot in a local park

When you are serious to be closer to nature, you should establish a direct physical connection with the huge supply of electrons. Available on the earth’s surface, these electrons are crucial for the functionality of our bodies. The lifestyle we have in the current world separates us from such a contact. Recent studies advise that this disconnection could boost unwellness and physiological dysfunction. You should take off your shoes, sandals, or loafers and walk on the grass or in a meadow barefoot. Barefoot walking will facilitate a direct connection to the beneficial elections that are available on the earth surface. 

  1. Visit a park or zoo in/around your city or town 

Visiting a park or zoo regularly will assist you in establishing a connection with nature. In such a place, you will have an opportunity to see animals with your own eyes and experience birds chirping there. You can experience peacocks dancing on a cloudy day and ducks swimming in the pond there. Regular visits to such a place will help you be sensitive and kind to nature and the lives there. 

  1. Open the doors and windows for a while in a day 

Staying in an enclosed space all time is a major barrier in your way to have a direct connection with nature. Whether the weather is winter, autumn, summer, or rainy, you should open the windows and doors of your home for a while. By opening the doors and windows, you let fresh air come into your space and remove toxins from the indoor air. Further, you get some amount of sunlight, which is a major source of vitamin D. 

  1. Have a disconnection from electronic devices 

In the contemporary world, we can’t live without watching television, using our smartphones, and working on a desktop/laptop. However, it doesn’t mean you should be with these electronic devices for more hours a day. After coming back to your home, you should reduce your dependency on them. Instead, you can sit in your backyard or front yard for some time and look around the atmosphere around your home. With this, you can take the possible effort to make the required improvements.

  1. Enjoy the scene of sunrise 

Every morning, you should leave your bed before the sunrise and step out of your home. Stepping out from your home will allow the sun rays to touch your skin. This touch will wake up the mitochondrial cells that are the energy cells of your body, enhance your focus/concentration, and boost metabolism. Further, it lowers the level of cortisol, the stress hormone in your body. This decrease leads you to have a happier mood and weight loss. 

  1. Have a pause

You can be close to nature anywhere in your town/city/country. For having this, the primary key Stop. It means you should have a full stop in what you are doing. For example, have a break in your thinking, don’t worry, and stop anything you are executing out. Sit under a tree or walk on the grass for a while. It will fetch your smile back. 

  1. Have pest at home 

You know animals, birds, insects, and other living objects are God’s beautiful creation. Having another living object with your family members at home and spending time with them can help you be closer to nature. You can consider keeping dogs, cats, and rabbits in a corner of your home. 


There are numerous options for being close to nature. You can try the ideas that you find suitable for you and your family members. In this, you can ask your family members for sharing their thoughts in this regard. Well planning and clear execution on the adopted ideas will facilitate you to attain what you expect in feeling a closeness to nature. 


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