Suppose you are looking for the most luxurious version of a passenger bus, then book a luxury limousine. This minibus is perfect for corporate gatherings or a lavish ideal night out with your group of friends. The features include vinyl seating with seat belts and accurate hand grips, utterly spacious, air conditioner or room heater facilities, onboard power facilities, climate-controlled cabins, handicapped accessible entry, reclining front and back system, surrounded sound stereo speakers with multiple flat screens TV above seats with seating capacity up to passengers 36 and luggage capacity 36. 

Best facilities of 36 passenger bus

Our 36 passenger mini coach features facilitate comfortable spacing with reading lamps so that you read and snooze to pass the time on your trip. This coach also provides a bathroom for long trips, plus the additional feature of CD – DVD and lastly and importantly wi-fi is available on request. So, overall, to sum up, all the components for card or game or meeting tables are available for in route meetings, and leisure activities, perfect features as required for a rolling office meeting, oversized luggage capacity, PA system, restrooms for on – the – go so no bathroom issues. It is a full package of comfort with happiness. 36 passenger bus can accommodate your beloved in the comfiest seats.

Book your 36 passenger bus of happiness now.  

For booking for a day or two travels, the average price will be about 35,000 rupees. If you are in the hope of purchasing, then it can cost about Rs 14 lakh to Rs 20 lakhs.


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