Chicken is considered to be an important dish on the plate all over the globe. People love eating dishes made out of chicken. Different varieties of chicken dishes are available which are made up of different curry and sauces. The taste of these dishes is due to the presence of the ingredients and spices which make them tasty to eat and even tempting. So here is a list of some of the top dishes made out of chicken and is most liked by people all over the world.

Butter chicken: this is the most famous north Indian dish, which involves the addition of butter, which gives this dish a tempting taste and makes it delicious. Moreover, the butter chicken simmer sauce, which adds amazing taste to it, is also important.

Teekhamurg: This spicy dish is loved by people all over the globe. This is an extra spicy dish and has a different taste.

Tangy kadhai chicken: as the name suggests this dish is so tempting and tasty because it is made up of butter olive oil. This is highly beneficial for the body and the butter olive oil gives it a good taste.

Amritsari Chicken masala: This is another famous chicken dish from north India which is quite sour. This dish is an extraordinary dish with all the natural herbs present in it.

Chilli chicken: this is a kind of starter that is loved by all. This is a sweet-spicy dish made out of chicken.

So this gives a guide of the different dishes made of chicken.


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