A Guide to Outdoor Wedding Photo-Session in Calgary Suggested by Professionals

Outdoor Wedding Photo-Session

Gone are the days when the weddings were confined to four walls and one gigantic roof. Now, people have fallen in love with the love of outdoor weddings. When there is a lovely vineyard, floral surrounding and sunset in the backdrop, the whole wedding becomes magical. At this moment, the photographs are bound to be flawless. However, many photographers are confused about outdoor wedding photography. Only a handful of them are familiar with the concept and further planning

When photography is involved, there are multiple things to consider. White balance, focus and exposure must be taken into consideration. Of course, there are other things to keep in mind. Above all, wedding photography is particularly stressful. It requires special skill to read people’s faces and capture them. If you are going to an outdoor wedding for the first time, know what the Calgary wedding photographer focuses on.

Be Careful about the Timing

In an outdoor photo session, it is important to check when the photo shoot is taking the place. If the wedding ceremony is done by afternoon, you will get the perfect chance to utilize the golden hour. The way the sky looks after 2-3 hours of sunset is simply surreal. As the sun goes down, there are no shadows bothering the photographs. When it is gloomy, the husband and wife portrait will get a natural effect. You can go with ISO 100 for better quality. Of course, make sure the shutter speed is not too high.

Photo Session under Mid-Day Sun

When it is a summer wedding, the mid-day sun may be a villain to every photographer. Generally, the struggle gets real when the subjects have dark circles under the eyes because the sun is on top of the head. Post-production stage creates a nerve-wracking situation. That’s why; always run for shades. Is there a dense forest? Or, is there a big tree? Request the couple stand underneath such shades. However, the struggle does not end here if you do not go for the right angle. So, you have to ensure that the exposure is right. Too bright or too dark elements are equally bad.

Use the Hard and Bright Light

It sounds contradictory but it is also true. When you can control the direction, you need to learn how to use a reflector. Basically, the idea should be to imitate studio light. If you are trying to make a romantic silhouette, the direct sunlight on the subject might do it. Or, for a contrasted look, you can ask the couple to move in front of the sun.

Carry the Right Equipment

It does not matter whether you are shooting an indoor or outdoor wedding, the right equipment must be there. Nobody needs to point out that a DSLR should be with you all the time. However, when it is an outdoor wedding, you need to keep changing ISO, shutter speed and depth of field according to the scene. Another important point to be missed is that the RAW image format. When you are shooting in RAW, editing becomes a breeze. Additionally, pay attention to the lenses as well. For the uncertainties of life, you can keep a backup camera and memory card. But, don’t make your bag too bulky with two tripods – one can always serve the purpose. When it is a group photo or a romantic photo session, the tripod must accompany you there.

If you think you can follow the previously mentioned tips, it will be an easy path to become a great outdoor wedding photographer in Calgary.

Author bio: Hazel Manuel is an experienced blogger who has worked with the Calgary wedding photographer before. Here, she talks about a few tips that every beginner needs to keep in mind before accepting an outdoor wedding photography project.

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