Organise your paperwork

As obvious as this may sound, you need to look around your office. If you find tons of paperwork is piled up everywhere, you have got a huge problem on your hands. But there is an easy fix. The only need is to find the proper storage for each type of file. Filing cabinets, wall pockets, and desk trays are your best options when it comes to sorting up paperwork, that’s taking up your office space.

Maintain a clean public area

If your office also has designated customer areas, it is very important it is to keep it as clean as possible. Maintaining a dust-free seating area is essential. A duster and a few old rags will do the trick. Furthermore, if you put a carpet on the floor, there is a need for vacuuming every week. Try out industrial cleaning service in Auckland or a city near you to give your workplace a clean makeover.

Keep the working area clean

Just like personal areas, your office workspace should be always kept nice and tidy. Meaning dusting and vacuuming every week, cleaning the cables from all of the electronics and managing them so that they don’t tangle, and so on. Use a dust-repellent spray on surfaces to ensure a dust-free area for at least a week.

Disinfect your bathrooms

Disinfecting your bathrooms creates a healthier environment for your employees in the office. Healthy employees equate to fewer sick day leaves, translating into more productivity. Hiring a professional will save you a lot of time and hassle. Look for services such as bathroom floor scrubbing in Auckland or the city near you to experience the difference.

Regular cleaning of electronic devices

Dust tends to accumulate on electronic devices. That is the reason it will continue to build up faster and it will be more visible around electronic devices. Use a duster regularly to keep your equipment clean. Also, be sure to use any type of disinfectant.

Take out the rubbish

Cleaning is never complete without taking out the trash. Place trash bins in the most populated or used areas and be sure to clean the bins out every other day and don’t let the garbage pile up.

Tidy-up the break room

Almost every other office will have some kind of break rooms that are used for leisure. If your office has one, make sure your break room is also clean. You wouldn’t want dust to be carried between the work area and break room.


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