When almost every mortgage allowed 600-620 credit scores, VA loan programs are available for bad credit. But how bad? If your credit score comes down to 550, you can still apply for a VA loan. The mortgage program is specifically designed for active-duty military service members and veterans. If you are enlisted as a soldier or soldier, you are likely to be eligible for the home loan. Once you return home and think of starting a family, financing for a house seems to be a critical challenge.

However, you need to prepare for the VA home loan credit score 550 in Houston, TX. How many years you have served or the certificate of eligibility is not a good enough aspect to grab the mortgage. Many calculations go in the back – starting from whether you are capable of passing the guidelines. The VA loan programs are quite popular because of the flexible eligibility requirements. However, the lenders have the last say over the guidelines. Since the borrowers with bad credit might default on the loan, they put extra focus on the requirements. Let’s go through the necessary information about VA home loans if you want to be eligible without a hassle.

Who can apply for VA loans in Houston

As per the Servicemen’s Readjustment Act, surviving spouses and veterans are allowed. The Department of Veterans Affairs ensures 100% financing, restricted closing costs, and zero mortgage insurance. If you are working on your credit score, you are lowering risk from your credit profile. Even though the VA loans offer competitive rates, better scores attract great deals. Most veterans are eligible for the loan if they meet the minimum service requirement. Besides them, active-duty service members can also apply once they complete the first 6 months of their service. Of course, it is pivotal to obtain the COE and submit to the lender.

Whether it is a good idea to get VA loans now

The present lending environment heavily depends on credit score requirements. Nowadays, the VA-approved lenders take the risk of setting 550 as the benchmark because VA insures a part of the loan for them. If the borrower is at a satisfactory risk, the borrower is likely to get hold of the home loan. Remember, the VA authority is not responsible for lending you the amount. The lenders insulate themselves before financing your dream abode. Now, it happens only when the buyer has touched the benchmark. In the past years, the average credit score for the VA loans was above 700.

In the end, there is no such thing as less-than-perfect or poor credit. There might be blemishes in your credit, but you can certainly overcome the issue. If you can manage to carry more than 650, the VA financing is likely to go in your favor. Check out the guidelines set by VA lenders before submitting the loan application. It is better to shop around for the perfect deal. Who knows you can save a few thousands of bucks? So, good luck!


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