The parotid gland is mostly operated for the removal of a knob. It lies immediately in the front of the ear. Through a tube, saliva moves to the inside of the cheek next to the upper back teeth. The first step to remove the parotid gland is to give anesthesia to the patient to put into a deep sleep and unknown to all procedures. Making a cut in the front of the ear and it is stretched downwards into the neck or at the back of the ear. The incision is combined with stitches once the parotid gland is removed. These stitches will be removed after one week of the operation. A small tube is also inserted into the skin to collect the blood which may left. It is done on the next morning after the Parotid surgery.

The entire will take surgery will take a maximum of two hours and it is a complex one, specialist needs to remove the gland without disturbing the normal functions of the facial nerves. It will leave a dent under the skin, as a large part has been removed and in case of pain, doctors advised to take painkillers. This parotid tumor surgery leaves scars on the skin, but it is not permanent. With time, it will fade away. The surgery impacts on the amount of the saliva produced. Other salivary glands will do the proper functions and keep the mouth wet. In the case of nerve damage, it will be recovered fully but within several months. Infection on the skin is uncommon in this treatment.


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