For some people, the abaya is a plain dress that comes in variouscolors and fabrics. But in Islamic countries, it is something more than this. Islamic clothing hijabs are a sign of modesty and femininity. To make your abayas more elegant and unique, you can add some elements given below.

Elements that make your abaya more perfect

1. If you have an abaya latest designs dress that looks dull upon you, you can add a belt. By adding a belt, you can completely change your look. For this, you can choose the colored glittery belts that can grab attention.

2. To create a perfect evening look, wear a simple dress over your abaya. If you have an open abaya, you can choose leggings & skirts to wear under the abaya.

3. You can wear the abaya over your trousers. To look cool & comfortable you can also choose trousers and wear them.

4. To look fashionable and elegant, pay some attention to the colors and fabrics of it. Match the right colors with the right pair of heels and sneakers and rule the world.

5. Always purchase the loosely fitted abayas which have vibrant color. Purchasing an abaya which has the right fabric can change your overall look.

6. If you will purchase a printed abaya design dress especially for the girl’s night out, then choose an open abaya and wear a neutral dress & a trouser under this.


To make it more attractive, add some accessories also to grab the attention of the crowd.


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