Adenoids, the patch of tissues, often sit at the very back of the nasal passage that helps keeping the body healthy by trapping harmful bacteria and viruses.

Adenoid cystic carcinoma or ACC is a type of cancer begins in glandular tissues – most commonly arises in the major and minor salivary gland of the head and neck. It can also occur in the breast, uterus and other locations in the body. Not to mention the usual treatments for this health complication that is followed by the radiation treatments. When you have the surgery, your doctor will remove not only the tumor, but also some of the healthy tissues around it. The exact cause of Adenoid cystic carcinoma is unknown. However, health and research institutes from different nations have searched that genetic changes or mutations are the underlying basis of cellular malignant transformation in different cancers include Adenoid Cystic carcinoma. Consulting with experienced surgeons is important, who diagnose the problem and successfully solve the query.

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