Are you bored of going to the same old play park or splashing in the same swimming pool weekend after weekend? Don’t worry, you’re not alone, and you are not the only one that can find it hard to come up with new things to do with your toddler – whether you are on your annual holidays, taking a short break, or on a rare family day out.

Sometimes, life can seem hard work and all of us can feel as though we use up all of our energy getting through our days, leaving little left for planning fun activities. We can experience the dreaded parental guilt at seeing our smallest children watching TV or playing on tablets, phones, and games consoles but have no idea how to stimulate them in other ways that actually won’t provoke a full-on meltdown from them – or us. Thankfully, there are always new holiday activities for toddlers emerging and we’re here to introduce some to you now. Take a look at a new era for holiday activities for toddlers and why they can be beneficial in providing entertainment for your child.

A new era for holiday activities for toddlers

When you hear the term adventure park, you might think of country parks with slides and swings or something slightly more adventurous. Perhaps you think of fairground rides, assault courses or zip wires? But there is actually a new breed of adventure parks that you might consider during your next family holiday or day out – ones where your toddler can be placed right at the heart of the adventure.

This new breed of activity centre is popping up around the country and places a new emphasis on catering for the smallest members of the family. Sometimes, the littlest ones can almost seem like an afterthought on family days out and, yet, we all know that they can have a massive impact on everyone’s experience if they are not having a good time. That is why it can make great sense to take them somewhere that they cannot fail to enjoy.

What do these new adventure parks offer?

Modern adventure parks for young children can offer a range of enhanced activities, complementing the usual array of playground attractions or soft play features. Some may offer animal encounters, or role-playing activities, for example, whilst others provide complete actor-led, immersive experiences.

The new breed of holiday activities aims to take the emphasis away from parents during days out, thus freeing you up to enjoy the experience as much as your child. In the case of actor-led, immersive experiences, for example, the attraction takes the lead in providing the entertainment, removing the need for parents to take the strain.

Such attractions understand the importance of interaction and immersion. Many children are simply not content to wander around museums and look at things or sit on a swing for hours on end, these days. They demand to get their hands dirty – sometimes quite literally – and enjoy stimulating and enjoyable workouts for their bodies and brains. This may involve heading off to a science park where exciting experiments are the order of the day, or booking an adventure experience in the form of a quest or challenge.

The benefits of immersive holiday activities for toddlers

There are so many benefits to this new breed of activity parks and centres, not least the chances they offer for your children to learn as well as to have fun. One well-known, quest-based adventure experience, for example, can teach your kids about everything from conservation and recycling to plants and animals as they collect gems and explore the outdoors.

This ensures that your little one’s brain gets a workout, as does their body, as they crawl through caves, cross waterfalls, or explore the oceans in their choice of quest.

This type of comprehensive adventure is super-enjoyable for adults too, not least because there is nothing better than watching your little one having fun whilst learning at the same time. Far from being another mundane Sunday afternoon out, this new breed of activity centre can provide experiences that live on in the memory for many years to come. They are also super-easy on the minds of frazzled parents, who simply don’t have to think too much about what’s next during their day out. Kids pick up on their parents’ relaxation and the result is an altogether more enjoyable day out for everyone.




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