For the alarm system, the wire or alarm cables that should be used have a certain quality and specification that can’t be neglected as they are the major pathway to the alarm if something goes wrong like a fire or electrical short circuit,

Cable Building

  • BS EN 60228, class 2, flat copper annealed conductor.
  • Mica glass primary fireproof tape insulation.
  • S high-performance silicone rubber ecological isolation.
  • Section 1.1 of E I 2 to BS 7655.
  • Core colors: Blue, brown, 2 core.
  • 3 Core: yellow, black, brown.
  • 4 core: blue, brown, gray, black.
  • Fiberglass band.
  • Tinned copper earth/drain wire to BS EN 60228.
  • Aluminum fire barrier electrostatic screen.
  • Form of LTS3 sheath to segment 6.1 of BS 7655.

One will have to consider replacing the alarm siren battery when they are nil. You can replace the battery of the alarm based on the type of alarm they like the remote key is present or no remote key is there. An electric cable with one or more isolated conductors, which is covered by a standard conducting plate, consists of a cable or shielded cable. The shell may be made from woven copper strands or other metals, including aluminum, a circular winding non-braided with copper bands, or a sheet of conducting polymer. This shield usually has a jacket covered. The shield is a Faraday cage for reducing electric noise from signaling and reducing the electromagnetic radiation that can damage other appliances see electromagnetic interference.


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