Let us begin with the basics. Data backup is the process in which you make duplicate copies of your documents or files. This is done since data loss is a common problem faced by almost every computer user. So, if you end up losing your data accidentally, there is always this duplicate copy to help you out. Remember to make these copies on a different storage device because if data loss happens due to failure of one storage device you can always use a copy of the file present on the other device.

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These days, there are so many data storage devices available in the market. CDs, DVDs, USB Drives, secondary hard drives and servers are some of the data storage devices that can be used to store backed up data. Choose a storage device based on your requirement. You can also store your data online. There are a lot of sites that offers free web space for storing your data.

How to Backup Data

Data backup is just a copy and paste work. You locate the file, copy it and paste it in your destination folder. However, it might get a little tedious if you want to be back up your data every time you store a new file on your computer. Also, it might be seem a little complicated if you want to create a back up of your entire hard drive. This is when data backup software and hardware available in the market will come in handy.

Data Backup Software

Data Backup Software are sold online. You just need to purchase them and install it on your computer. They are automated programs that can check your hard disk for any new data several times a day and back up when any new data is found. These software can also be used to backup all the information on your hard drive including your files, emails, registry, favourites and even your computer font settings. There are also free data backup software available online. But, make sure you check the reliability of the software before downloading it on your computer.

Data Backup Hardware

This is primarily used when you want to create a mirror image of your hard drive. You can purchase hard drives that have been designed and sold especially for the purpose of data backup. These hard drives come with the necessary backup software installed on them. All that you need to do is to plug in the external hard drive to your computer. You would automatically be guided through the backup procedure step-by-step. Seagate is one of the companies that sells external hard drives providing easy data backup solution.

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Before I end this article, I would just like to reiterate a few points. If data is important, then maintain multiple copies of those files on different storage devices. Also, in cases of highly important data, it would be a good option to maintain the backups at different locations. This way if any unforeseen natural calamity strikes at one place, your data at another location would be safe. And, more importantly do not procrastinate the task of backing up your data because in the electronics world you never know when data loss would strike.


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