Olives are one of the excellent products which are highly rich in Vitamin E and other anti-oxidants. They are best for the heart as well as also protects against various diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis. The healthy fats present in the olives are extracted for producing olive oil. Various health-protective nutrients are present in olives and people love to eat them in salads, sandwiches, and more dishes can be garnished with California olives and peoples love its flavor. There are different nutritional facts included in olives which may include calories (115), water (80%), protein 0.8 grams, sugar 0 grams, carbs 6.3 grams, fiber 3.2 grams, fat 10.7 grams in which saturated fat is 1.42 grams, mono-saturated 7.89 grams, and poly-saturated 0.91grams. Olive is a good source of copper, iron, calcium, etc.

Common Varieties of Olives

Greek Black Olives Spanish Green Olives

California Olives

Benefits of using Olive Oil for Health

There are amazing unlimited health benefits of olive oil for especially for the prevention of cancer and heart health. It has anti-oxidant properties that help in reducing the risk of chronic illness like cancer or heart disease, fights inflammation as well as reduces the growth of micro-organisms. The pulpy residue from olives increases the blood levels. There are various types of olives oils like Garlic olive oil and many more with its different specialties and qualities which ultimately helps in providing some of the other benefits. The important risk factors were responsible for heart disease if both blood pressure and high blood cholesterol level. The infused olive oil is one of the versatile oils having a smooth nutty flavor of roasted garlic and people loved to have it with various flavored vinegar for an amazing combination.

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