Being one of the most complicated processes, ambulance billing is very different from other medical billing specialties. The process of ambulance billing and the coding is done based on the Patient Care Report, which is been filed by the ambulance crew along with the additional backing of the “run sheets” that are filled in at the time the patient is picked up. Thus, making accurate documentation, data entry section in the Patient Care Report (PCR) the utmost important portion of the ambulance billing process, especially for compliance and thereby proper claims; which only experienced billers and coders can accomplish.

In fact, outsourcing is the most common way to reduce your ambulance billing errors, as outsourcing organization has the maximum experience in handling various ambulance billing issues than any in-house billing RCM organization. In fact, Sunknowledge Services Inc is one such RCM organization with more than 15 years of experience excelling in achieving seamless ambulance billing operation as well as a faster reimbursements rate; lowering your chances of rejection and denial of claims.

Sunknowledge Services Inc: the ideal ambulance billing guide of 2021:

Handling all the aspects of billing, coding, and collections, we further work with insurance companies and government-funded insurance such as Medicaid, Medicare, and more efficiently in order to ensure a faster reimbursement rate and seamless claims management process. With the right ambulance billing software being implemented and increases in revenue collection being initiated, our experts further ensure continuous follow up while eliminating all the unnecessary cost that surrounds your ambulance billing services.

Taking complete responsibility starting from data entry, verification, authorization, claims, and Accounts Receivables management; our experts further maintaining an accuracy rate of 99.9 % in all the billing and coding process further work on 80% operational cost reduction.

With a team of experienced billers, coders and its knowledge with an understanding of the industry mandates further helps us undertake successful billing management in no time; outperforming the majority of in-house teams and allow us to deliver consistently high rates of collection.

So if you are still worried about your ambulance billing services, we are your solution. Speak to our experts over a ‘no commitment call’ and see how our experts can not only manage your whole ambulance billing process with financial upliftment but also help you focus more on patient care management for the growth of your practices.


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