It is true that unlike billing for any other specialty, ambulance is not purely based on a definitive diagnosis. Here the patient is usually treated with the apparent condition with which they are first dealt with. The ambulance coding and billing are usually done based on the Patient care report which is filed by the additional backing of the running sheets.

Hence, it is quite clear that the correct documentation in the PCR report is critical for receiving payments correctly and promptly.  It has to reflect all the specifications of the injury or condition based on the anatomy of the patient.

Also, the level of service which can be either Basic Life Support or Advanced Life Support that has been offered can make a huge difference in the entire ambulance billing process. As a provider, all you need is quick reimbursements with the effective submission of correct claims. It reduces all your expenses in operations and helps you drive your practice management priorities in the best possible manner.

The Sunknowledge advantage for better flow of cash

We have complete proficiency across all practice management systems and offer uncompromising support and that too at next door rates. All our medical coders and billers deliver actionable support that eliminates process gaps, making sure that all your money is in safe hands and does not suffer rejections.

We have great success stories for reducing cash flow as a reliable operational extension by almost 80% and have excellent references from the top-notch names in the ambulatory space. If you are looking for a perfect destination, helping you focus better on your patients, we are the right option for you. At just $7 per hour or 2% of collections, we have the ability to bring back all your pending money on time, remove rejection possibilities, and offer you a hassle-free ambulance billing experience.

Know from us how we evolve your process of billing. We have the perfect plan, offer dedicated resources with extensive experience. Leverage the advantage we bring this new year with our inclusive or stand-alone ambulance billing services.


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