With so many wide varieties of industrial ladders available in the online and brick & mortar shop, it becomes a challenging as well as a daunting task to select ladders for your specific industrial or personal use. Ladders help you to work smarter and safer.

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Ranging from monster ladders to index ladders to bailey ladders, there are myriad of choices available. No matter the type, each ladder have their own respective characteristics and functions.

But, at the same time, you should know in depth about the different varieties of ladders and their respective functions so as to make a wise decision as per your respective needs and requirements. This will help you complete your task effectively, efficiently and safely.

Industrial Ladder

Popular for their lightweight and incredible quality, the industrial step ladder is designed to be tough and robust. The wider steps together with grips and rubber make them safer for the operators. They are great for the home handyman or light industrial requirements.

With double and single sided step ladders on offer, these step ladders are capable of folding flat thus making their storage easy and hassle-free. They are also appropriate for almost all applications and are stocked in almost all the hardware stores specializing in providing high-quality ladders Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.

Safety Steps

Popularly known as a safe step, they are used at different levels in almost all the industries. For every onsite job, there are ample of tasks that need a simple and weight resistant safety step as a raised platform. The stable and compact safety steps are designed in such a way that it becomes easy for workers to access those places where there is no need for a ladder or platform.

Platform Ladders

For the platforms whose heights range from 500mmto approximately 3600mm, there is an available myriad of choice for those looking for platform ladders. Alternatives such as fiberglass and aluminum, solutions are available for all applications – from simple to complex.

The strong and high-quality platform ladders you should be assured of both safety and security. They provide quick access to all the elevated areas in a quick time.

Order Collecting Ladders

The biggest advantage of order picking ladders is that they are light in weight together with being maneuverable. These types of ladders are considered good for order picking and stock picking. They are designed by the professional designers keeping in mind both the safety and security of the persons at the forefront.

Forklift Platforms

They are designed for everyday use at the warehouse and other storage units. The comfortable tiny pockets make it easy for you to drive a forklift into not so accessible areas without facing any trouble. Surrounded by safety railings, it keeps you safe and secure against any falls.


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