Since Apple is such a household name, it is an issue of prestige for the people to buy a few shares of Apple.  It has been estimated that at least any one of its numerous gadgets are used by two-thirds of the American population. Apple is the first publicly traded U.S company with a valuation of $1 trillion.  From being a manufacturer of the consumer electronic products and services to developing innovative PCs, tablets, and smartphones, Apple has gained superiority in more or less every area they have explored. Their innovation has taken them to a significant height.

Steps to buy Apple shares

  • Calculate the amount of money you want to invest- It is vital to note that there is a vast difference between knowing a company as a customer and knowing a company as an investor. Doing both qualitative and quantitative research is extremely significant to gain an answer to your question “How to buy Apple Shares?” Qualitative research translates to management, competition, and the different ways in which the company makes money. Quantitative research indicates looking at the factors of revenue, earnings as well as total income. Moreover, it is always a wise decision to calculate the money that you will need for the next five to six years and invest according to it. The stock market is most of the time considered as a long term investment although there are alternatives for short time savings as well.
  • Find a suitable broker who works online- The primary step which will get you started is the availability of an online broker. A good online broker has access to a number of exchanges. When you find that a particular broker is discouraging you from buying Apple shares then you need to understand that he has no access to the NASDAQ. You will come across a number of brokers but remember not all of them will allow you to open an account with them. There are some who are extremely costly while some also offer their services for free. Therefore you must consider factors like trading platform, broker’s fees, find accessible markets for trading, safety as well as the simplicity of opening an account.
  • Opening a brokerage amount- An investing account is the most necessary thing that is required for you to buy an Apple or any other stock. A brokerage account can be opened as quickly as 15 minutes. The process is very similar to signing up for a savings or checking account. It is very easy to find a broker that sells the stocks of Apple. The thing that is necessary, is to consider the extent of traditional investments that are offered by the broker. For instance, exchange-traded funds, mutual funds, and the broker offers. You should also check the customer service and the requisite tools to guide your investing journey.
  • Deposit money onto your account- In order to buy the stocks of Apple, you will have to pay cash. This cash has to be sent to your broker first which is a very simple and quick process. Bank transfer is the most common way of depositing your money.
  • Buy Apple shares- The penultimate process, when you are done with the initials it is time for you to buy the Apple shares. Just log into your online brokerage account and search for the Apple shares. Once it has appeared just insert the number of shares that you wish to buy and then click the buy button.

The revenue of Apple is growing even in this time of crisis. Over the past six quarters, Apple has achieved significant growth.


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