Public Relation campaigns are done by the healthcare organizations to get more sales, increased customer base and attract the target audience. The PR teams are either internal or hired external agency that helps in hosting the campaign for the hospitals. Healthcare public relations have been excessively used over time as it has gained importance due to its sole purpose of promotion. The PR team sets objectives in advance so that campaigns can be designed according to that. Also, the progress of campaigns is to be assessed so that one can see whether it is successful or not.

If the organization wants their healthcare public relation campaign to be successful then they should surely assess the performance. The assessing involves seeing what went according to the plan and what deviations were there. The deviations will state that there is improvement needed. Even the organizations can assess the performance of campaigns in between so that the measures can be taken at the right time. So, one can take preventive measures to make the campaign successful. If the organization can assess the campaign in the end then they can bring improvement for the next campaign.

The organization will also be able to learn the reasons why they excelled or where they lacked. The reasons for excel can be used in the next campaign as well to make it successful. Continuous assessment of the PR campaign is important, as this will state whether it is going on track. It should be on track to meet the set goals.

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