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Barnies coffee and Tea is a company founded three decades ago. The company is one of the largest privately owned coffee and tea gourmet purveyors. Their continuing passion for quality and excellence never fade since then. Barnies have established their name as one the most premium brand when it comes to gourmet coffee all throughout the globe. The company is offering premium flavored, regional, and decaffeinated coffees. Foer perfect grinding use Coffee Grinder.

Even if their coffees are shipped all over the United States and some other countries, they ensure quality control tested when it comes to their shipment. They ensure every product is fresh and flavorful until it reaches its destination. Their teas are well selected with care according to quality, flavor, and excellence. The company is offering wide range of products for all their valued customers. Here are the following products of Barnies:

Coffee with father’s day mug- coffee is definitely well loved by all fathers around the world. Aside from their delicious and healthy coffee, they also offer limited Father’s day mug for every coffee package you buy. If you want a gift which your father can really appreciate this one is perfect. Your father can carry this mug whenever they are especially when they are travelling.
Flavored coffees- if you want something new but you still want to drink your favorite Barnies coffee, you can consider its flavored coffee. They offer wide variety of different flavors which can definitely delight your taste buds. One of the most favorite among their flavored coffee is the tiramisu whole bean coffee. This is an Italian dessert which is now converted into a coffee flavored drink. You will surely like its bitter sweet taste with a little touch of Italian aroma. The next sought after flavor is their caramello coffee. This is a bulk coffee combined with dark chocolate and milky caramel. When you to taste this one of a kind coffee, you will feel like you are biting a very delicious chocolate bar with caramel swirls inside.
Teas- they have wide variety of teas you can enjoy. They do not only sell tea for older people, but they also sell tea for children. Usually, children do not want to drink tea because of its bitter flavor, but with the help of Barnies coffee and tea, you can encourage you kid to drink healthy tea. They offer diverse flavors your kids will surely appreciate. They will never know they are drinking tea at all. One is cherry apple, strawberry vanilla, and tangerine, all of these flavors are appetizing for kids. Iced tea mixes are also one of the most famous offering of Barnies. They also offer three different flavors of tea such as lemonade tea, ginseng green tea, and mint green tea.
Coffee coolers- this kind of coffee offered by Barnies coffee can be served as cold. You can quickly serve delicious treat to all your visitors. You can just pour some milk and it is ready to serve. They also offer different kinds of flavor for their coffee coolers. They also have the classic caramel cooler which you will surely love. It is better if you will try all their flavors for your special occasions.
Cocoa- their cocoa is not an ordinary cocoa. It has a bitter sweet European flavor. It has dark chocolate flavor responsible for its bittersweet taste. This is perfect for lovers and will definitely satisfy your taste buds. There are lots of different flavors you can enjoy.
Gourmet treats- aside from coffee, Barnies coffee also offers delectable gourmet treats your kids will also like. One of the crowd favorite is the farm tart filling. You can bake a tart and use this filling to create a delicious tart which your family will love. They also have short bread cookies which is very rich in flavor. This is a nice treat for your kids and for your visitors. Coffee candy is a great way to wake you up when you are feeling sleepy during the day. Barnies mint is a nice way to freshen up your birth.
Syrup- this is perfect for people who want to create different mixes of drinks. Actually, they have three different flavors of syrup, you can choose if you want to give a different twist to your drinks. They have the morning syrup which can be used for your favorite coffee drinks such as cappuccino, latte, and ordinary coffee. Aside from adding this syrup from coffee, it can also give a new taste on your favorite ice cream and soda water. The Da Vinci syrup is a high quality concentrated syrup which can enhance the flavor of your tea, sodas, and coffee drinks.

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