Parotid Surgery is needed to get rid of this disease. Everyone knows that salivary glands can mostly be severe, mucous, or secretive. Mucus is an ingredient thick, clear, and slightly slimy. Serous secretions are more liquid opalescent fluids consisting of water and proteins such as amylase digestive enzymes. The glands may be specific, only containing one of those two substances, depending on the cell type present, or they can be mixed, giving combinations of both secretions. The presence of thought, or smell of food, as well as thermal stimulation, can increase the separations.

Besides small tongue, palate, lips, and cheeks, humans have three major glands that are opened in the mouth by well-developed ducts:

  • The largest of the three Parotid Surgery lies between the ear and the upward branch of the lower jaw. The tissue capsules of every gland consist of fatty tissue and cells that mostly secrete serous fluids.
  • In the rear of the oral cavity, near the second upper molar, each gland’s main duct opens. On this side of the bass jaw, the second couple is the submaxillary glands, also known as the submandibular glands. Each major conduit opens into the mouth floor at the junction where the tongue’s front reaches the ground of the mouth. Each of the glands also has a tissue capsule that produces mostly serious mixed secretions.
  • The third pair, the sublingual glands, is underneath the mouth-floor mucous membrane, near the chin. They have many conduits empty near the tongues and floors of the mouth; several units to form Bartholin, the main conduit in or near the submaxillary conduit of the sublingual gland.

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