The Interior and designing of a house reflect the personality and taste of a person. Earlier people use to focus more on drawing rooms and bedrooms but now with the advancement one of the focus areas is having a beautiful organized bathroom. Along with bathtubs and lights, an important and helpful thing which is in trend is having a beautiful bathroom vanity. A bathroom vanity not only changes the looks of the bathroom but also helps in keeping important toiletries in the Storage around the sink.

A good beautiful bathroom vanity gives a uniform look to the bathroom and it gives the bathroom a bigger look. There are various options are available when u think about having a vanity in your bathroom. A wooden vanity with paint or s plywood vanity is few examples of it. The sink shape and color also help in making the vanity beautiful, some people prefer two sinks and a big vanity in their washroom and some considered it to b small and corner things.

It is open to your choice to have pulled out cupboards or drawers in the vanity to keep things. The number of drawers of the Vanity is depended upon the height and size of it. In the market, there is the availability of huge no. Of shades available for bathroom vanity tops , a person can paint their color on the vanity as per their choice which gives an attractive look to their bathroom, and with the help of storage, it will be easy to keep all the useful things too.


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