The vape pen Canada market is expanding at an incredible rate. It houses a vast selection of stylish designs, functionalities and unique devices that can overwhelm even intermediate vape pen enthusiasts.

Here are a few core characteristics to keep in mind when buying a vape pen:

Vaping material:

Considering the material you are looking forward to using for vaping will determine the type of vaping pens you opt for. Is it going to be primarily dry materials? Or are you considering legal concentrates vaping pens?

The most popular categories are e-liquids or oils vape pens with a tank and an atomizer for heating.

Heating method:

Convection – This type of heating occurs when the heat gets transferred to the chamber without the material coming in direct contact with the heating element. This reduces the risk of extra combustion of vaping material but, consequently, requires more time to get in action and heat up, resulting in a slightly delayed process.

Conduction – In this heating method, the vaping material is in direct contact with the heating element, hence, resulting in a faster combustion and heat up. Increased combustion could lead to losing a part of what you smoke.

Battery life:

Most vaping pens in the market are powered by a lithium-ion battery set up. The battery life of vaping pens is directly proportional to its body size in most cases, as a more oversized casing can fit a bigger capacity battery that does not need to be changed very regularly, depending on the usage.

If you wish to get a discreet and sleek vaping pen, the chances are that its battery life may not be excellent and will need to be changed frequently.


The ease of use goes a long way in vaping pens. Most vaping pens are as easy as sliding in the vaping material, closing the pen, and you are good to go. Others take it up a notch to pack in features like temperature control and presets or multi-functional vape pens that can use any vaping material.


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