The sultry summer of 2020 brings in the threats of pandemic and the obvious consequences like social distancing and quarantine. The entire country including our City of Joy is under lockdown and the ever growing boredom is quite palpable. “After all, who wants to stay confined day in and day out”, says the owner of a luxury residential apartment in North Kolkata.

But, with a landscape podium garden and a jogger’s track inside your premises, you actually have enough opportunity to indulge in some fun yet healthy activities, which will enliven your drooping spirit during such phase of confinement.

Let’s take a look at how you can fill in some fun during these gloomy days.

Stay Fit Stay Active
These trying times are already claiming toll on people’s lives worldwide. Alongside it has wrecked most of us psychologically. And, in this phase of uncertainly, the only thing that keeps you grounded is staying fit and healthy. With a Joggers track right inside your premises gives you a space for running as well as brisk walking every morning, thus putting no hindrance to your fitness routine even during the times of social distancing. You can however go for jogging with your family members, given that they are not affected by the pandemic.
Seniors Can Have A Quality Time
As we know senior citizens are mostly under threat from Covid 19. So, it’s our responsibility to provide them a safe and secured haven. And, with a garden inside your residential complex what can be a better place for them? Even if they are having a quality time with the fellow seniors of the residence, you will at least know that they are safe given that the entire complex is free from Covid. Many residents are choosing to sanitize their complex to deal with the threats of contamination.
Soak in Nature’s Splendour
This lockdown has given us enough opportunity to spend some time in close contact with the nature, which is hardly possible during other times of the year. As we are already aware that the concrete revolution in the city has already engulfed the greeneries, thus posing serious health hazard to us. But having a podium garden, open spaces and verdant landscape inside your premise lets you pamper your mind, body, and soul. Spending a few hours outside your apartment but within your residential complex can help you stay fit and won’t affect your psychological well-being.
Uninhibited Social Interaction
While this may sounds contradictory especially when social isolation has become a norm. But, this podium garden can offer enough space to the residents to have fun while maintaining distance from each other. While a gathering must always be avoided, spending quality time with residents while maintaining the required distance (as directed by the government and health practitioners) is always a great way to beat the stress of such trying times. Keep in mind that Covid 19 is already posing a threat to our life, thus propelling us to a void of uncertainty. At this phase, we hardly know how things will shape up. But, living in a luxury residential complex with a fleet of amenities can be really helpful. It offers you enough scope to maintain social isolation while keeping stress at bay.


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