Olive oil is light oil that is nowadays used in the diet to make it a healthy diet. When this olive oil is added to the diet this makes the diet healthy as well as light. This doesn’t cause any harm to the body and at the same time have a lot of benefits. Olive oil can also be floured and eaten such as the lemon olive oil. So the health benefit of consuming olive oil is that:

It is rich in healthy unsaturated fat. This does not cause harm to the body as it is made up of monounsaturated fats commonly called oleic acid. It has been observed that this oleic acid helps in the reduction of inflammation and helps in cases of cancer.

It contains large amounts of antioxidants that help in the reduction of chronic disease. This contains vitamin E and vitamin K, which is beneficial for the body and helps to lower the risk of heart disease.

This helps in preventing strokes in the brains. The sudden strokes in the blood vessels may be dangerous as it might lead to tumors and finally death. So this olive oil is beneficial in those cases.

Lemon olive oil is good for the digestion and inhibits constipation. As the lemon present in the olive oil helps in deflating the stomach and thus initiate the bowel movements.

So olive oil can be beneficial for health and also helps in keeping your body fit and free from diseases. So prefer using olive oil than any others.


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