The Havoc storm scooter is a wildly popular model of pro scooters from Havoc. It was designed with the young driver in mind and offers unmatched quality in an affordable package. When you buy a Havoc storm, you know it will grow with you.

The scooter offers endless customization options for the rider. A long-lasting pro scooter, the havoc storm is equipped with 110mm spoked wheels with the ability to fit 120mm ones, intergraded head tube, fully sealed bearings, forged steel fork and new flex brake design.

But why stop there? With the right set of accessories, you can make your Havoc Storm a unique scooter unlike any other.

Here are some accessories to get started:

Grip Tape

Grip tape is essential for your scooter, especially if you are looking forward to doing stunts on your Storm scooter by Havoc. Havoc grip tape ensures that your feet and the deck of the scooter have friction and it is easy for you to stay on.

Handle Bar Grips

Handle bar grips by Havoc are a great way to make your scooter stand out. Havoc handle bar grips come in 9 different color ways and are made of soft rubberized material that ensures a great and comfortable grip for your adventures.

Bolt Clamp

There are single, double, triple and quad versions of bolt clamps available in the market. The Havoc storm makes use of a double clamp. Make sure you choose the right clamp for your scooter as if the bar is designed for a double clamp you can destroy the bar by using a triple or quad clamp. Havoc bolt clamps are made of aircraft grade aluminum for ultimate durability.

So, if you’re looking for a fantastic, customizable Havoc Storm Scooter to upgrade your riding skills with, then head to


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